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Close Calls

  1. mistakes
    Sleepy Grandfather Arrested After Losing Kid on the F TrainOops. 
  2. talking about the weather
    High Winds Claim Casualties As Facade FallsBrooklyn narrowly avoided tragedy.
  3. human puppies!!!!!!!
    Baby Did Not Fall Off Awning But she could have.
  4. close calls
    School Bus Plows Into Long Island HomeThankfully, the five kids on board were uninjured.
  5. close calls
    Man Collapses on Subway Tracks, Cheats DeathPhew!
  6. emergency landings
    United Express Flight Makes Emergency Landing at Newark Liberty AirportThree cheers for the pilots.
  7. close calls
    Government Shutdown Avoided for the Time BeingNarrowly approved by State Assembly.