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  1. enough already
    Target Pulls Clown Masks As Creepy Clown Incidents Get ScarierViolent attacks were reported this weekend.
  2. A Jerk in Clown Makeup Chased a Kid Around the Subway With a KnifeBeware knife-wielding bozos.
  3. NYPD: ‘Don’t Be Afraid of the Clowns’The threat of a balloon-animal attack is essentially nonexistent.
  4. Creepy Clowns Are Still Terrifying People Across the SouthA Kentucky man in a clown costume was arrested for lurking near an apartment complex at 1 a.m.
  5. Is This Rainbow-Wigged Clown the True Creator of Bitcoin?The plot thickens.
  6. feature
    Fears of a ClownNo one is better at making children laugh than Boswick the Clown. He doesn’t understand why adults are so scared of him.
  7. feature
    Boswick the Clown Doesn’t Understand Why Adults Are So Scared of HimIs clown fear among adults a jokey affectation that has become easy to adopt as clowns fade into irrelevancy and the number of people who’ve seen one in real life dwindles?
  8. neighborhood news
    Clown Haunts Brooklyn’s Green-Wood CemeteryCreepy and tasteless.
  9. oh staten island
    Creepy Clown Haunting Staten Island Probably a Hoax for Horror Movie [Updated]“Look at this f*ckin’ jerkoff!”
  10. scary things
    Gunman Dressed As Clown Kills Drug Cartel BossExtra scary.
  11. early and creepy
    Here Is a Creepy Clown Mouthing the Words to Rand Paul’s Filibuster, Because ArtWatch?
  12. words of wisdom
    ‘People Who Claim to Be Afraid of Clowns’“These people (and they are numerous) are attempting to cultivate a cute quirk.”
  13. sometimes it’s the little things
    Battle of the Bozos Heats UpIn this war between adjacent office buildings, will anyone win?
  14. sometimes it’s the little things
    The 22nd 21st Street Battle of the BozosHere’s one of those stories that reminds you there actually are people in those faceless buildings all around you. And, sometimes, inflatable clowns.