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  1. environmental protection agency
    Trump Admin Makes It Easier for Coal Companies to Pollute in America AgainThe EPA, led by a former coal lobbyist, has rolled back rules for how coal companies discard of wastewater with pollutants including lead and arsenic.
  2. vision 2020
    Please Stop Telling Miners to Learn to CodeRetraining programs can’t make up for over a century of exploitation.
  3. politics
    Andrew Wheeler Is Bad News for Coal Miners and Environmentalists AlikeIf the Senate confirms Andrew Wheeler, it’s great news for coal — and nobody else.
  4. politics
    Congress Is Giving the Coal Industry a Break, and Sick Miners May Pay the PriceIf Congress doesn’t act by the end of the month, the coal industry will get a tax reduction, slashing funding for miners suffering from black lung.
  5. epa
    EPA Rolls Back Carbon Rule for New Coal Plants, But No One Wants to Build ThemThe change won’t result in any new coal-fired power plants, but it will make the coal industry feel like Trump is helping.
  6. Trump Plans to Prop Up Unprofitable Coal Plants With ‘Emergency’ AidThe administration is finalizing a plan to exacerbate climate change — and increase the cost of energy — in the name of “national security.”
  7. Fresh Out of Prison, Coal Baron Don Blankenship Is Running for U.S. SenateThe former CEO of Massey Energy filed this week to run in the Republican primary.
  8. Former Coal Executive With Shoddy Safety Record Will Lead Mine Safety AgencyDavid Zatezalo takes over the Mine Safety and Health Administration as mine fatalities are spiking.
  9. Trump Picks Coal Lobbyist to Serve As Scott Pruitt’s No. 2 at EPAAndrew Wheeler once worked for Senator Jim Inhofe, who threw a snowball on the Senate floor to make point about global warming.
  10. Trump Moves to Increase Subsidy for Coal Mining on Federal LandsTrump wants to let coal companies pay well below market rate for the right to despoil public lands and damage the climate.
  11. Forests and Oceans Seem to Be Absorbing Less Carbon Than They Used ToMeanwhile, coal production is on the rise.
  12. EPA Lobbies Coal Industry to Oppose Paris Climate AccordScott Pruitt reportedly urged the National Mining Association to declare its opposition to the Paris agreement.
  13. EPA May Scrap Limit on How Much Mercury Coal Plants Can SpewThe agency will “review” its support for the measure “in light of the recent change in administration.”
  14. Donald Trump Promises to ‘Cancel’ Paris Climate DealIn a rare pre-written speech on energy policy, Trump argued that coal doesn’t need to be regulated and that wind turbines are “killing all the eagles.”
  15. Obama Wins Another Battle in His War on CoalBut this thing is probably headed for the Supreme Court.
  16. climate change
    Obama to Freeze New Coal Mines on Public LandMitch McConnell will be furious.
  17. China Burns Way More Coal Than Previously BelievedNew data show China has been burning up to 17 percent more coal per year than previously thought.
  18. politics
    Obama Finalizes Sweeping Climate-Change Plan The new rules call for even higher cuts to greenhouse gas emissions and are designed to push and reward the adoption of renewable energy sources.
  19. early and often
    The GOP Tries to Buy Democratic Senator’s Loyalties With CoalCan Joe Manchin be seduced to the GOP?