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  1. 9/11: 20 years later
    The Great Maritime Rescue of Lower Manhattan on 9/11With no plan and little direction, a makeshift group ferried as many as half a million people to safety.
  2. DEA Chief to Agents: Trump Was ‘Wrong’ to Encourage Police BrutalityThe head of the Coast Guard has also come out against Trump’s announced ban on transgender people in the military.
  3. Trump Keeps the Focus on Himself in Coast Guard Academy Commencement Address“No politician in history, and I say this with great surety, has been treated worse or more unfairly.”
  4. Trump Plan Would Gut Coast Guard and TSA to Pay for Immigration CrackdownApparently, making America “safe again” involves cutting airport and coastal security to channel billions of dollars to pro-Trump border unions.
  5. annoying things
    A Cruise Ship Got Stuck in the Hudson RiverNot the best way to end a vacation.
  6. the most important people in the world
    Russell Crowe Was Briefly Lost at SeaOff of the Long Island Sound. 
  7. mysteries
    Authorities Have No Clue Why a Woman Jumped Off a Staten Island FerryShe plugged her nose and jumped.
  8. oh new jersey
    Coast Guard Suspends Search Off New Jersey Coast After Another Apparent HoaxAgain, not cool.
  9. mediocre hoaxes
    Exploding Yacht Prankster Probably Just Likes Helicopters, Coast Guard Guesses“It’s pretty strange.”
  10. coast guard
    Coast Guard Creates ‘Temporary Safety Zone’ in Gravesend BayAn area of Gravesend Bay is cordoned off after the discovery of 1,500 World War II artillery shells.
  11. it just happened
    Amateur Submarining in East River? NYPD, Coast Guard Say No It is, as we’ve already made clear, a day to be by the water — or, even better, in it. But might we suggest you not attempt to go in the water by building a homemade submarine and launching you Cousteauian adventure in the East River near the Queen Mary 2, which is docked off Red Hook? “Several men are being questioned by police after being stopped apparently attempting to set sail off Brooklyn in a makeshift submarine-type vessel,” reports WABC-TV. WCBS-TV says three people were escorted from the area by police, the captain was issued a Coast Guard violation, and — here’s the best part — “the vessel bears a striking resemblance to the ‘Bushnell Turtle,’ the first American submarine, invented around 1775 in Connecticut by David Bushnell.” So remember, kids: No revolutionary-era subs near the big cruise ships. Okay? Makeshift Submarine Found in East River [WABC] Odd Replica Sub Intercepted Near Queen Mary II [WCBS] Adventures With an Egg [Flickr via Gothamist]