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    Questionable Police Tactics Aren’t Helping the Etan Patz CaseThe first eight hours of Hernandez’s interrogation weren’t recorded.
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    Police Still Have Nothing on Pedro Hernandez, Won’t Call Off Investigation“It’s like whipping a dead horse,” said a source.
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    Former Etan Patz Suspect Is Released From Prison, Immediately ArrestedRamos couldn’t tell police where he’d be living.
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    Man Formerly Suspected of Etan Patz Murder Set to Go FreeJose Ramos served 25 years for unrelated child molestation convictions.
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    Three New Yorkers Arrested in ‘Baby Bones’ Cold CaseA young girl missing for more than a decade has finally been identified.
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    Police to Search for Jimmy Hoffa’s Remains Under Suburban Detroit DrivewayA man dying of cancer contacted police with information.
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    Court Date in Etan Patz Case Postponed Again“There’s just nothing else on this guy.”
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    Etan Patz Suspect Leaves Hospital for Jail CellA source says he’s still being medicated.
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    NYPD Makes Breakthrough in New Year’s Day 1987 Murder With DNA EvidencePolice used a tissue sample under the teenager’s fingernail to make a match.
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    DNA Links Unsolved 2004 Murder to Recent Occupy Wall Street Protest [Updated]Big break in the murder of Julliard student Sarah Fox.
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    Pedro Hernandez Sanity Trial Postponed Three MonthsBoth sides say they need more time to investigate.
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    Patz Suspect Was Threatening, Hostile to Young NephewA more troubling account of Hernandez’s past emerges.
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    Hernandez Wrote Confession on Photo of Etan PatzDramatic detail underscores lack of physical evidence.
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    Report: Pedro Hernandez Said He’d Never Heard of the Etan Patz CaseHernandez was consistent and rational while making his confession.
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    Police Release Pedro Hernandez Mug Shot, Deny They Ignored TipsThere’s no proof that Hernandez’s sister tried to turn him in.
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    Police May Search Landfill for Etan Patz’s RemainsInvestigators hope 33-year-old sanitation records will provide new evidence.
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    Report: Pedro Hernandez Placed on Suicide WatchThe man who confessed to killing Etan Patz is supposedly now at Bellevue.
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    Etan Patz Suspect Called a ‘Good Neighbor’ and ‘Family Man’Who is Pedro Hernandez?
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    Pedro Hernandez Arrested, Charged in Killing of Etan Patz [Updated]“We believe that this is the individual responsible for the crime,” Police Commissioner Kelly said.
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    Police Make Arrest in Cold Case of Bronx Teen Murdered in 1998The suspect sexually assaulted and strangled the young woman.
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    Etan Patz Search Continues in SohoLongtime suspect Jose Ramos reportedly frequented the Prince St. basement of Othneil Miller.
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    FBI Searching Soho Basement for 1979 Missing Child Etan Patz [Updated]A cold case from 1979 has a new lead.
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    DNA Test Negative for D.B. Cooper Suspect; a New Sketch EmergesWith limited samples, eliminating suspects through DNA evidence is just as hard as finding them.
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    The Curse of D.B. Cooper: Why the Latest Break in a Legendary Skyjacking Case May Not Pan OutThe FBI has a new suspect and a “most promising” lead, but veteran followers of the 40-year old case have heard such talk before.