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  1. rich people everyone likes
    Ricky Van Veen Says Coffee Is Not for ClosersWunderkind lays out the politics of New York power meals.
  2. party lines
    College Humor Kids Party Like College Kids (But With Publicists and Money)Between the beer pong, the constant encouragement to chug our drinks, and the delivery pizza, last night’s College Humor party celebrating the Website’s recently selected “America’s Hottest College Girl” felt almost like a real college party — if your college parties were held on gorgeous midtown rooftops, organized by the high-powered publicists at Sunshine Sachs, and paid for by Barry Diller. As the sun set, College Humor editor Ricky Van Veen was working the crowd in a set of scrubs (no, we don’t know why) and The Office star B.J. Novak admitted that the girls at his alma mater, Harvard, weren’t quite as “wonderful” as the guest of honor, the University of Delaware’s very articulate Amber S., who, when asked to make a speech, settled on “I love you all!” followed by some giggles. She’d better love everyone: Winning the contest, in which College Humor users voted on the most-attractive college girl through an NCAA-style bracket competition, brought Amber $10,000, which she says she’ll put toward student loans. Soon enough, the free booze ran out and the party wound down. The true partyers forged on, as those college types do, to greener pastures downtown. —Lillien Nathan
  3. party lines
    Faking Our Way Through the ‘Faking It’ PartyThe latest book from the boys of CollegeHumor is Faking It, which teaches you how to pretend to be worldly for fun and profit. At a party for the book in midtown last night, the CollegeHumor founders were dressed in faux-NASA spacesuits — they were faking it as astronauts, although, frankly, we thought they looked more like gay-porn stars — and we, too, gamely put dignity aside to test out some of the book’s techniques. The depressing verdict: Lying works. The evidence is after the jump.