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  1. libya zero hour
    American College Student Just Hanging With Libyan RebelsChris Jeon, 21, just “thought it would be cool” to see a revolution.
  2. school daze
    The Most Common Grade at U.S. Colleges Is an ‘A’… which makes us truly wonder what we were doing that whole time.
  3. school daze
    America’s Least Expensive College Costs $430 a YearYou can find all sorts of fun facts at the new Department of Education website!
  4. the future is coming
    Peter Thiel Just Named the Lucky 24 Kids He’s Paying $100,000 to Stay Away From CollegeThe man with two degrees from Stanford pays kids not to go to school.
  5. the donald
    ‘I Thought That Trump University Was a Real Institution’Trump’s for-profit schools are probed.
  6. school daze
    Liberal Arts Degrees Probably Aren’t Worth the Student DebtSorry, ethnomusicologists!
  7. the neediest cases
    I-Bankers Struggle to Send Their Kids to School on $1.6 MillionPretax.
  8. gays
    Christian Colleges Flummoxed by Continued Existence of Gay StudentsWe’ve still got THOSE here?
  9. ink-stained wretches
    LaSalle Student Newspaper Rebels Against AdministrationOfficials demanded the paper hold a story about a teacher hiring strippers.
  10. debt
    Students: You Will Be in Debt Forever Unless You Write a Best-Selling BookAnd even then you could get screwed.
  11. the future is coming
    Facebook Investor Peter Thiel Thinks the Real Bubble Is Around Getting a College EducationGetting a college education isn’t cool.
  12. school daze
    We Are Raising a Nation of FoolsA third of college graduates learn nothing.
  13. school daze
    It’s Official: It Sucks to Be in CollegeThey didn’t talk about this in ‘The Roommate.’
  14. school daze
    Columbia University Inundated With Applications From Barely Motivated StudentsApplications soared 32 percent, but are they the kind of students you really want?
  15. when what happens in vegas doesn’t stay there
    College Student Sues Hooker in What Could Be Landmark CaseHubert Blackman stands up for blue balls.
  16. harrison david
    Columbia Drug Ringleader Can’t Go HomeYes, his dad is mad.
  17. all the sad young college students
    Are College Students Really More Depressed Than They Used to Be?We are skeptical.
  18. school daze
    Is NYU Officially Five Times More Fun Than Columbia?It is if your definition of “having fun” is “using drugs.” Which ours isn’t.
  19. school daze
    Columbia Professor Charged with IncestPolitical Science Professor David Epstein is now on administrative leave.
  20. school daze
    Five Columbia Students Busted for Drug Dealing in ‘Operation Ivy League’That’s right. Columbia. Not Colombia.
  21. optics
    MBA Candidates Who Have Essays Written for Them ‘Are Not Trying to Be Unethical’They’re just too busy to do it themselves.
  22. school daze
    Law & Order: SVU to Air Episode Inspired by Duke Sex ListIn the television version of this tale, the list-maker winds up dead.
  23. the squid
    Cornell Student Has a Little Problem With Goldman Sachs“To put it bluntly, they are assholes. Huge assholes.”
  24. school daze
    Columbia Is Now Paying Its Students to Talk to One AnotherIt has come to this.
  25. school daze
    Texas A&M Goes Into Lockdown After Man Brandishes Fake Gun“Seek safe shelter until further notice.”
  26. school daze
    Georgetown Dorm Evacuated After Suspected Meth Lab Discovered“This is ridiculous.”
  27. fuzzy math
    The Ten Most Ridiculous-Sounding Math Classes Currently Offered at Liberal-Arts Colleges“In particular, we will ask such questions as: How do sunflowers and seashells grow?”
  28. school daze
    This Girl Slept With All the Hottest Guys at Duke and Then Rated Them, ExhaustivelyCategories include: Physical Attractiveness, Talent, Creativity, Aggressiveness, Entertainment, Athletic Ability, and Size. Oh, boy, does she ever get into size.
  29. school daze
    Hey, NYU: Accept Cree Bautista AlreadyWe take up the cause of the first person to submit a Common App this year.
  30. weddings!
    Columbia Is the Most-Named University in the Times Wedding PagesTake that, Harvard.
  31. sincerity
    Harvard MBA Larry Estrada Will Do No Harm at Goldman SachsBut he will be AWESOME.
  32. why don’t you come up and see me sometime
    Protesters Express Their Anger at JPMorgan by Giving Jamie Dimon Copies of Their House KeysTramps.
  33. pilfs
    As Expected, Syracuse Students Won Over by Jamie DimonThey didn’t exactly throw panties — but close.
  34. white men with wings like angels
    Finally, a Rap About Jamie Dimon’s Forthcoming Commencement Address at SyracuseConsidering how well “Dimon” rhymes with “shinin’,” we’re surprised no one thought of this before.
  35. school daze
    ‘If I Have a Choice Between Math and Almost Anything Else, I Choose Math.’That’s what 15-year-old Zachary Young says. He just got into Harvard and MIT.
  36. school daze
    Does Being Gay Help You Get Into College?The ‘Times’ doesn’t seem to know.
  37. white men with wings like angels
    Some Syracuse Students Are Psyched That Jamie Dimon Is Giving Their Commencement Address“The thing people don’t understand is that they think he’s just some leader of a corporation. But he’s more than that.”
  38. bad decisions
    Everyone Who Has Ever Done Anything Cool Has Been Rejected by HarvardIs our country’s highest-rated university actually dumb?
  39. school daze
    Harvard and Stanford Tuitions Break $50,000That Harvard, always on top.
  40. awful things
    Cornellians Actually Are Using the Ithaca Gorges for Suicides These DaysAs opposed to the phenomenon being relegated to creepy campus folklore.
  41. school daze
    It’s Really Hard to Sleep at Princeton“The nightmare scenario, if you will, is that you apply with a 3.5 from Princeton and someone just as smart as you applies with a 3.8 from Yale.”
  42. sad things
    NYU Student Leaps to Death at Bobst LibraryEarly this morning, another tragedy befell the student body on the downtown campus.
  43. school daze
    Can We Talk About the New York Times’ Obsession With Harvard?Just for a minute.
  44. school daze
    Elite University Endowments See Plebian Investment ReturnsHarvard and Yale had a bad year.
  45. college
    Why Trina Thompson Is Right to Sue Her College for Not Getting Her a JobThe recent graduate suing Monroe College doesn’t have much, but she may have a case.
  46. Woman Sues Her College Because She Can’t Find a JobOn the one hand, this is crazy. On the other, is it?
  47. party lines
    Michelle Trachtenberg on Next Season’s Gossip Girl“Lots of college drama, but probably no freshman fifteen.”
  48. the most important people in the world
    ‘Now I Would Like to Do a Quote From My Favorite Author, R.L. Stine’James Franco’s UCLA commencement speech: the lost footage.
  49. liberal farts
    Generation Smug“There’s a generational shift toward increasing interest and concern into how to help make the world a better place,” says one college president. Really.
  50. senior citizens
    Cranky Old Man Fears Ivy League FemalesNobody wants a “female, dainty, tearoom atmosphere,” you know.
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