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  1. coronavirus
    The Silicon Valley of Colombia Wages War on COVID-19Medellín was hailed as a pioneer in the fight against the coronavirus, but surging case rates call its technology’s usefulness into question.
  2. awful things
    Hundreds Dead, Many Missing After Floodwaters and Mudslides Hit Colombian CityIt’s the worst natural disaster the country has faced in decades.
  3. This Vibrant River Is Known As ‘the Liquid Rainbow’Beautiful, but good luck finding it.
  4. international affairs
    Colombian Voters Reject Historic Peace DealThe vote has complicated the end of Colombia’s 52-year-long civil war.
  5. not-so-secret service
    Secret Service Employee on Leave Stayed at Hotel Where Obama Would Check InThe Hilton in Cartagena.
  6. secret service
    How a Few Horny Agents Made the Secret Service Look Bad Is it really the agency’s worst scandal?
  7. secretary of awesome
    It Looks Like Hillary Clinton Had a Pretty Good Time in ColombiaThere are photos to prove it. 
  8. not-so-secret service
    The Secret Service Scandal Is Not Going Away Anytime SoonJust in case you thought that was a possibility. 
  9. international intrigue
    Hillary Clinton Calls Mexican Drug Cartels an InsurgencyThe Obama administration is suddenly singing a different tune about the drug wars.
  10. terrified puppies of the jungle!!!!
    New Species of Amazonian Titi Monkey Not Really Into Being DiscoveredSome monkeys do not want to be found.
  11. early and often
    Mark Penn Hits the Ol’ Dusty Trail. But Will That Help Hillary?If nothing else, it’s a morale boost to Clinton staffers who chafed at Penn’s presence.
  12. intel
    Bill Clinton, Colombian MuseProving that he’s the perfect centerpiece for any type of event, Bill Clinton headlined a cocktail party given by the government of Colombia and promoting tourism there, held at the Villard Houses Friday. (Why him? “For believing in our country and encouraging others to do the same,” according to the invite.) Even better than Clinton’s mere presence, though, was what attendees received in their gift bags: a CD by Los Niños Vallenatos del Turco Gil — apparently the Menudo of the Colombian countryside — praising Clinton.