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  1. crime
    Columbia Finally Issues an Apology to the Victims of Robert HaddenSurvivors of the predator doctor are not satisfied with the university’s mea culpa.
  2. schools
    Did New York City Forget How to Teach Children to Read?This fall, Eric Adams is pivoting to phonics.
  3. crime
    Protecting a PredatorHow Columbia University ignored women, undermined prosecutors, and allowed one of its OB/GYNs to abuse hundreds of patients.
  4. higher education
    The Second-Largest Strike in the U.S. Is Happening in New York CityThere’s a picket line at Columbia.
  5. coronavirus
    Columbia Graduate Students Are Going on StrikeMany have also said they’ll stop paying rent to the university over its handling of COVID-19.
  6. crime
    The Stabbing in Morningside ParkEvery generation, a crime tells a new story about New York. The murder of Tessa Majors is ours.
  7. cityscape
    Columbia U. Tries to Welcome the Neighbors — and Keeps Them at Arm’s LengthThe Manhattanville campus is simultaneously open and remote.
  8. Renzo Piano Gives Columbia University the Best Dull Building in TownA visit to the university’s new Greene Center.
  9. Columbia’s Med-School Building First Does No HarmOn Haven Avenue, Columbia shakes off the fortress mentality.
  10. columbia university
    Columbia Professor Sues University for Sexual Harassment“I felt really betrayed. I thought the university should have solved this.”
  11. soon-to-be-former presidents
    Obama Reportedly Returning to Columbia in 2017 for As-of-Yet Mysterious ReasonThe university’s president said Columbia would host the president after he left the White House — but offered no more details. 
  12. columbia university
    Accused Rapist in Columbia ‘Mattress Girl’ Case Sues UniversityPaul Nungesser is suing Columbia University in a discrimination suit.
  13. very sad things
    Missing Columbia Student Found DeadJiwon Lee, a 29-year-old dental student missing since April 1, was found in the Hudson River.
  14. ink-stained wretches
    Rick MacArthur Quits Columbia Spectator BoardThe student paper is going “web-first” and journalism’s resident dinosaur does not approve — at all.
  15. ink-stained wretches
    Columbia Student Paper Hears This Internet Journalism Stuff Is Going to Be BigThey’re cutting down the print edition to once a week.
  16. bad ideas
    Columbia Served Sexual Violence Prevention CakeUnsurprisingly, no one ate it and it was promptly removed.
  17. very sad things
    Ex-Columbia Student Found Dead in Dorm RoomPolice suspect a drug overdose.
  18. college
    Columbia Students Love Nutella, Stealing From Dining HallsIf they start hoarding lobster tails, they definitely have a problem.
  19. audits
    Columbia Gang Professor in $240,000 AuditBefore this, Sudhir Venkatesh was best known for the time he spent embedded with a Chicago gang.
  20. sad things
    Columbia Freshman Dead of Apparent Suicide at DormYesterday was move-in day.
  21. school daze
    Columbia Janitor’s Life Will Definitely Be MovieHe’s graduating with a degree in classics after twenty years.
  22. spy games
    Columbia Not As Mad As Yale at NYPDThe local Ivy is being cautious in responding to reports about surveillance of Muslim students.
  23. icrime
    Morningside Heights Mugger Is a Brand SnobHe’ll give your BlackBerry back.
  24. ouchies
    Columbia’s Marching Band Was Really Mean to the Football TeamIsn’t it usually the other way around?
  25. school daze
    Columbia Dean Drops Out of CollegeThe head of the undergraduate division quits two weeks before classes start.
  26. school daze
    Columbia University Inundated With Applications From Barely Motivated StudentsApplications soared 32 percent, but are they the kind of students you really want?
  27. harrison david
    Columbia Drug Ringleader Can’t Go HomeYes, his dad is mad.
  28. school daze
    Is NYU Officially Five Times More Fun Than Columbia?It is if your definition of “having fun” is “using drugs.” Which ours isn’t.
  29. school daze
    Columbia Professor Charged with IncestPolitical Science Professor David Epstein is now on administrative leave.
  30. school daze
    Five Columbia Students Busted for Drug Dealing in ‘Operation Ivy League’That’s right. Columbia. Not Colombia.
  31. school daze
    Columbia University to Students: Act Like State Cables Aren’t LeakingThis seems like bad advice.
  32. school daze
    Columbia Is Now Paying Its Students to Talk to One AnotherIt has come to this.
  33. the federal reserve
    Columbia President Lee Bollinger to Run New York FedHe’ll start January 1.
  34. in other news
    Pulitzer Prizes Announced: Washington Post, New York Times Win BigAlso, the Broadway hit ‘Next to Normal’ took home the award for drama.
  35. school daze
    Columbia Apparently Not Being Overtaken by Fraternity Fever After AllThat never sounded right in the first place.
  36. animanhattan
    What Do the Coyotes Want From Us?The third and fourth coyotes in as many weeks have turned up in upper Manhattan.
  37. let’s get civical
    Crawl of Eminent Domain Across the City Stops in ManhattanvilleColumbia University’s expansion plans in Upper Manhattan have hit a snag after a court ruled against their right to take over new land.
  38. not cool
    Columbia Professor Punches Lady Colleague In the FaceA real class act.
  39. science
    Pilot Alcoholism-Treatment Program Targets GaysColumbia University researchers have been trying to figure out if gay men can avoid giving up the nightlife just because they have a drinking problem.
  40. the most important people in the world
    Hermione Might Be Going to Columbia!We hear she’s interested in their Transfiguration program.
  41. school daze
    Take That, HarvardColumbia’s acceptance rates are way down. And we think we know why!
  42. school daze
    Columbia J-School’s Existential CrisisThe media bloodbath has made for unhappy days uptown, and a fight for change is brewing in the school’s hallowed halls.
  43. the greatest depression
    Columbia Contemplates Cutbacks Due to Financial CrisisStudents majoring in useful fields will likely not be affected.
  44. current events
    Tobey Maguire to Appear at Columbia Tonight?Tonight’s special 9/11 commemoration is set to feature remarks by the governor, the two presidential candidates, and … Spider-man?
  45. intel
    Is Columbia the Duke of the North?In which we argue that our beloved hometown Ivy might have to come up with a new nickname.
  46. company town
    Anti-Feminist Sues Columbia Over Women’s Studies ProgramRoy Den Hollander, the guy who sued against ladies’ night promotions at nightclubs, is at it again. Plus, no one cared that the New York ‘Times’ raised its cover price, and Lehman sells a key asset.
  47. gossipmonger
    Lydia Hearst and Aubrey O’Day Hop on the Faux-Lesbian TrainBut only for one night. Plus, Britney frolics with dolphins, and ‘Pineapple Express’ star James Franco frolics with the literati, in our daily gossip rundown.
  48. in other news
    Prepare Your Angry Introduction: Ahmadinejad Is Coming Back to New YorkHe’s coming to attend the U.N. General Assembly, but it’s not too late to invite him to speak elsewhere. He may even invite you back to Iran with him!
  49. company town
    Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae Shares Already Sinking AgainWashington’s weekend moves appeared to initially help but may not have stuck. That, and other industry news in our daily wrapup.
  50. company town
    Fifty Cent’s Baby Mama Will Get Rich or Die Tryin’The battle between 50 Cent and Shaniqua Tompkins rages on, Columbia bulldozes most of the Upper West Side, more big changes at the Murdoch-owned ‘Wall Street Journal,’ and other epic battles, in our daily roundup of news from the law, real-estate, media, and finance sectors.
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