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Columbus Day

  1. politics
    Italian Americans Deserve a Better-Named HolidayExorcising the ghost of Christopher Columbus and honoring Indigenous peoples shouldn’t come at Italian Americans’ expense.
  2. How the Media Would Have Covered Columbus’s Discovery of the New WorldSlate, Drudge, the Post
  3. the magical versatility of the backstreet boys
    Happy Columbus Day!Let’s make today not just another day at the office.
  4. intel
    Italians, Kids, Pols, Germans All Love Christopher Columbus! Like nearly everything that succeeds in New York, the Columbus Day Parade satisfies several different constituencies — in this case, a powerful ethnic group, kids, cops, flag purveyors, and, of course, grown men who get to play dress-up for the day. But this event bears some distinctions worth mentioning. For one, the Columbus Day Parade features far more tracksuits per capita than, say, the Israel Day Parade. For another, the music is more high-toned than usual: Mostly Pavarotti or Caruso, with a dash of Sinatra from some of the more cutting-edge organizations.
  5. the know-it-all
    So You Want to Throw a Parade?At eleven o’clock this morning, the 77th annual Columbus Day Parade, sponsored by the Columbus Citizen’s Foundation, started making its way up Fifth Avenue. Yesterday the Hispanic Day Parade marched the same route. On Saturday, the Korean American Parade took over Broadway. In total, New York will see some 79 parades this year. How do you get permission to put on one of your own?