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Comey Firing

  1. Trump’s Approval Rating Recovers, As Voters Forgive and ForgetThe voters who forgave Trump’s apparent confession to sexual assault seem ready to look past his apparent confession to obstruction of justice.
  2. 28 Reasons Trump’s Firing of James Comey Is a World-Historic Shit ShowThere are so many insane aspects to the White House’s handling of Comey’s dismissal, a listicle is required.
  3. Trump: I Would Have Fired ‘Showboat’ Comey Without Sessions’s RecommendationThe president also said that he’d asked Comey whether the FBI was investigating him, and Comey had assured him that it was not.
  4. Will Former NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly Be the Next FBI Director?His name has bubbled to the top of the list, but some other contenders are emerging.
  5. Trump’s Firing of Comey Is Scarier If He Has Nothing to HideIf the president didnt collude with Russia, then his actions are even more terrifying for their incompetence and irrationality.