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Comings And Goings

  1. comings and goings
    Katharine Viner Named the First Female Editor-in-Chief of The GuardianShe starts this summer.
  2. comings and goings
    Rocco Castoro Announces at Panel That He’s Out As Vice EICHe’s been replaced by Ellis Jones.
  3. comings and goings
    Chelsea Manning Has a New JobWriting for The Guardian.
  4. comings and goings
    Andrew Sullivan Quits BloggingEnd of an era.
  5. comings and goings
    Chuck Hagel Trolled the White House by Resigning a Week EarlyAccording to CNN.
  6. comings and goings
    Chuck Hagel Isn’t Going to Be Defense Secretary Anymore But he wasn’t fired, technically.
  7. comings and goings
    Meet Loretta Lynch, Obama’s Nominee for U.S. Attorney GeneralThe front-runner to replace Eric Holder would be the first black woman to hold the job.
  8. blog-stained wretches
    ‘Joey Blogs’ Out at Daily IntelligencerBye!
  9. comings and goings
    Secret Service Director Resigns Over Terrible Protection of the PresidentJulia Pierson had one job …
  10. comings and goings
    Eric Holder Is Just About Done Being Attorney GeneralHe’ll step down as soon as a successor is in place.
  11. comings and goings
    NBC Might Have Paid David Gregory $4 Million to Go Away The rest of his contract, plus some hush money. 
  12. comings and goings
    Obama Picks Former Procter & Gamble CEO to Lead Veterans AffairsBob McDonald is a West Point graduate.
  13. oh albany!
    New York Assemblywoman Resigns Over Green-Card MarriageGabriela Rosa admitted that she paid someone $8,000 to marry her so she could become a citizen.
  14. Charney Reportedly Fired for Posting Nude PhotosAnd therefore “exposing the company to liability.”
  15. comings and goings
    Kevin McCarthy Is (Probably) the Next House Majority LeaderTaking over for Eric Cantor.
  16. comings and goings
    Obama Mouthpiece Jay Carney Is Getting Out of That Stuffy Briefing RoomThe second big personnel change at the White House today.
  17. comings and goings
    Shinseki Resigns in VA Scandal; Obama Accepts ‘With Considerable Regret’“We don’t have time for distractions,” the president said.
  18. comings and goings
    The World Trade Center Gets Some New SecurityAfter some embarrassing breaches.
  19. comings and goings
    Kathleen Sebelius Lets Proverbial Door Hit Her on the Way OutTaking the fall for the Obamacare rollout, Sebelius fumbled her good-bye speech.
  20. comings and goings
    Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius Resigns [Updated]After overseeing the buggy rollout of healthcare.gov. 
  21. comings and goings
    World Trade Center Security Chief Resigns After a very bad couple of weeks.
  22. comings and goings
    James Comey Confirmed As FBI Director Over Rand Paul’s Lone ‘No’ VotePaul released his hold on the nomination.
  23. comings and goings
    Janet Napolitano Ditching Homeland Security for University of CaliforniaShe’ll likely get a raise to lead the schools.
  24. comings and goings
    9 Things to Know About FBI Director Nominee James ComeyHe’s not boring!
  25. comings and goings
    Obama Finally Gets Susan Rice a New JobIt does not require Senate approval.
  26. comings and goings
    Six Photos of Carl Levin’s Glasses Pretty Much Falling Off His FaceHe just announced his retirement.
  27. comings and goings
    Senate to Have Two Black Members Simultaneously for First Time EverMo Cowan, Massachusetts governor Deval Patrick’s former chief of staff, is John Kerry’s temporary replacement.
  28. comings and goings
    John Kerry Confirmed As Secretary of State Whether the South Likes It or NotThe vote was 94 to 3.
  29. cable news news
    Jeff Zucker’s CNN Is Starting to Take Shape [Updated]James Carville, Erick Erickson out; Chris Cuomo in.
  30. comings and goings
    Three Vaguely Interesting Things About Obama’s New Chief of Staff Jack Lew’s replacement is Denis McDonough.
  31. comings and goings
    Obama Has Found His New Chief of StaffDenis McDonough, a member of his security team.
  32. comings and goings
    Hilda Solis Stepping Down As Labor SecretaryThat happened today.
  33. comings and goings
    Obama Criticized for Packing Cabinet With White GuysIn his defense, he did try to pick a woman.
  34. comings and goings
    Heilemann: ‘Israel Question’ Drives Hagel DebateHeilemann speaks on the Hagel outcry.
  35. comings and goings
    Obama Picks Brennan for CIA, Hagel for DefenseChuck Hagel will also be selected today as secretary of Defense.
  36. comings and goings
    Obama Will Nominate Hagel to Defense MondayLet the real fighting begin!
  37. comings and goings
    The Real Fight Over Chuck Hagel as Defense Secretary Likely Starts Next WeekUnofficially, it’s well underway.
  38. comings and goings
    EPA Chief Lisa Jackson Stepping DownWell, good effort. 
  39. comings and goings
    President Obama Picks John Kerry for Secretary of StateYup, this is not a surprise.
  40. comings and goings
    The GOP Is About to Have the Only Black Senator in the CountryCongressman Tim Scott will be appointed to the Senate.
  41. comings and goings
    Susan Rice Will Not Be Secretary of StateShe withdrew her name from consideration this afternoon.
  42. comings and goings
    Jim DeMint Cashes InThe South Carolina senator is leaving the Senate to head a think tank in January.
  43. comings and goings
    Fighting John Kerry’s Nomination Almost As Dumb As Nominating John KerryThe strange strategy of a John Kerry’s potential nomination as Secretary of Defense.
  44. comings and goings
    Olympia Snowe Penned Washington Post Op-Ed Explaining Her Senate DepartureShe’s tired of the uncompromising Senate body.
  45. comings and goings
    Olympia Snowe Storming Out of SenateSnow puns! Seriously though, this is big news.
  46. comings and goings
    Republicans Won’t Have Barney Frank to Kick Around Much Longer [Updated]He’s retiring at the end of his term.
  47. comings and goings
    National Public Radio Names New CEOGary Knell will take over the media organization in December.
  48. comings and goings
    The Real Reason Mayor Bloomberg’s Deputy Stepped Down [Updated]It has something to do with smashing a phone and grabbing his wife.
  49. comings and goings
    Obama Nominates Environmentalist As Commerce SecretaryJohn Bryson co-founded the National Resources Defense Council.
  50. school daze
    Joel Klein Stepping Down As Schools ChancellorHe’ll be replaced by Hearst’s Cathleen Black.
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