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  1. fauxtrage
    Nobody Liked Groupon’s Super Bowl Commercials, Least of All ChinaThe people of Tibet probably weren’t too hot on it, either.
  2. rolling in graves
    Which Recent Commercial Is Most Demeaning to the Founding Fathers?It’s a tight race between Bud Light, Kraft, and tea partier Rick Barber.
  3. tiger catches tail
    Woods Shoots Nike Commercial Near HomeSlogan takes on a whole new meaning.
  4. health-care reform
    Those Health Care Advocacy Commercials Won’t Take a Holiday BreakKeep one hand on the fast-forward button this holiday season.
  5. local commercials
    Dr. Zizmor Reaches Out to Couch Potatoes With Skin IssuesThe famous subway doc has a new commercial. On television!
  6. commercials
    Canada’s Absurd ‘Gay Dad’ Sandwich Commercial BannedCanada’s Don Draper probably thought this was a groundbreaking commercial idea.
  7. early and awesome
    Times ‘Weekender’ Commercial Finally Gets the Skewering It Deserves“Literally hundreds of thousands of sections, all in one newspaper!”