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  1. early and often
    Trump Tells Latino Voters He’s the Victim of CommunistsHis new strategy is a sign his effort to turn the tables on prosecutors won’t end with the primaries.
  2. movies
    Oppenheimer’s Politics Are Good, ActuallyContrary to critics’ claims, the movie is soft on neither the Soviet Union or the American security state.
  3. chinese democracy
    The Radical, Lonely, Suddenly Shocking Life of Wang JuntaoAfter half a century of resisting the Chinese Communist Party, a dissident confronts murder and espionage in Queens.
  4. the left
    Why Capitalism Needs Sick PeopleThe grim reality of the health-care industry has prompted a radical rethinking of how to change it.
  5. politics
    Do Republicans Know What Communism Is?Some members of the GOP have taken to calling Democrats “communists.” It betrays a willful historical ignorance.
  6. ukraine
    Tommy Tuberville Gives Breathtakingly Ignorant Explanation of Russia’s InvasionThe Alabama senator doesn’t seem to be aware that communism ended in the country some time ago.
  7. politics
    DeSantis Enlists Litigious Parents for Anti-Woke CrusadeThe governor is pushing a bill modeled after the Texas abortion law that would let parents sue districts that teach critical race theory.
  8. vision 2020
    Trump’s Comeback Strategy: Deliver Same Old Message, But LouderThe president’s campaign is in trouble, but he can’t seem to think of anything other than yelling at swing voters and demonizing Democrats even more.
  9. the national interest
    Bernie Sanders Is Not a CommunistDebunking a smear.
  10. bernie sanders
    Bernie Praised Fidel Castro’s Education System. So Did Obama.Sanders’s kind words for Cuba’s literacy program make him a “communist” only if George W. Bush’s praise of the Saudis makes him an Islamist.
  11. elections of 2019
    Republicans Going All-Out Red Scare in Off-Year ElectionsIn Kentucky and even in the more moderate Virginia, Republicans are smearing all Democrats as terrifying socialists. It will get much worse next year.
  12. China Declared Islam a Contagious Disease — and Quarantined 1 Million MuslimsThe Chinese government has decided that Uighur Muslims “are infected by an ideological illness” and must be cured at concentration camps.
  13. the national interest
    100 Years After the Bolshevik Revolution, Communism Hasn’t ChangedMarxists say they’ve learned their lesson and are ready for another chance.
  14. select all
    YouTube’s Best Vlogger Is This 10-Year-Old Communist Named DylanDylan is in fourth grade and believes communism is the future of the United States.
  15. reversals
    China Ends One-Child PolicyChinese families can now have two kids.
  16. the racie for gracie
    Young Commie-Lover Bill de Blasio Visited the USSRWith other NYU students in 1983.