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  1. The ‘Summer of Hell’ Officially On As Penn Station Repairs BeginLots of crowds and some new routes for regional commuters — but things have been worse.
  2. The F Train Is the Most Delayed TrainMeanwhile, the MTA claims that the subway isn’t delayed more often than it was two years ago.
  3. stand clear of the derailed train
    Here’s How to Navigate Your Connecticut Commute TomorrowWhile crews rebuild 2,000 feet of track caused by Friday’s derailed train.
  4. lirr
    Lightning Strikes the LIRR“Every time there’s a weather condition, it knocks out on the Long Island Rail Road.”
  5. let’s get graphical
    New York Commutes Are the WorstThey average nearly 35 minutes, the longest of any metropolitan area in the country.
  6. rock you like a hurricane
    The MTA Comes Crawling Back [Updated]It will take a while for the MTA to get back to its usual just-barely-functioning self.