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  1. commuting
    We Solved the Holland Tunnel’s Disastrous Decoration CrisisThe Port Authority is conducting a poll to update the decorations, but we have another suggestion.
  2. commuting
    This Holland Tunnel Décor Is Driving People NutsAn extremely frustrated commuter took a stand against the Port Authority’s questionable décor.
  3. 5 Ways to Get to Manhattan When the L Train Shuts Down“Manhattan-bound trains are running with delays until the heat-death of the universe.”
  4. transportation
    New Bar Cars May Make Commuting on the Metro-North BearableAfter a two-year absence, bar cars are returning to the New Haven line.
  5. stand clear of the closing doors
    Scientists Screw Up Study About Bubonic Plague, Anthrax Traces on SubwayThey’ve revised earlier findings.
  6. stupid things
    Metro-North Delayed by Box Painted Like Bender It could have been a bomb!
  7. real estate
    Whole Upstate Island Is Cheaper Than Average Manhattan ApartmentBut the commute is rough.
  8. PATH Will Take Commuters to WTC Come MondayHoboken commuters are in for more of a wait.
  9. transportation
    Number of New Yorkers Commuting on Bikes Continues to RiseIt’s the healthy and sweaty mode of transportation.
  10. neighborhood news
    The Simmering Rage of the Quiet CarThe war between those whose interpretation of quiet includes whispering and those who insist on absolute silence grows increasingly partisan.
  11. traffic
    What Not to Do If You Are a Squad of Muscular Young People Wearing CamouflageFor starters, don’t try to run through the Lincoln Tunnel.
  12. complaint box
    Boozing Metro-North Bar-Car Customers Don’t Want Your Stinking SeatsHow are Metro-North riders supposed to party with all those pesky seats?
  13. boozing
    Metro-North ‘Bar Cars’ Could Become Thing of the PastConnecticut commuters are not thrilled.
  14. commuting
    MTA Project to Disrupt Subway Lines This WeekA, B, C, D and E lines will be affected.
  15. count your blessings
    This Woman Has the Worst Commute EverIt can take nearly four hours each way.
  16. neighborhood watch
    Seatless Subway Cars to Relieve All Human Covetousness, Spite, CompetitionWhich lucky subway line will be the one with its seats locked upward during rush hour next spring?
  17. crazytown
    City Buses Travel Slower Than Chickens WalkingUm, yeah. It’s all about context, eh?
  18. it just happened
    Emergency Workers Rescue Man Trapped Under Train at 86th StreetOur reporter was on hand as a man leaped onto the tracks and was pinned alive underneath a subway car.
  19. intel
    Inside the Mind of the Subway IdiotJoin us as we imagine the interior monologue of that jerk who makes everything difficult for all of us as we commute.
  20. it just happened
    Small Explosion Hits Military Recruiting Center in Times SquareLet’s begin this post by saying there’s no reason to worry, everybody is fine. (We’ve always wanted to write that — because let’s be honest, when we start conversations with our mom that way she goes bananas.) See, there was a small explosion in Times Square early this morning, but nobody was hurt. Apparently somebody tossed an explosive device at a U.S. military recruiting center just before 4 a.m. today. The office’s window was smashed, and a door was damaged. Traffic was interrupted for a while, but now it appears to be back to normal. The Department of Homeland Security says it’s investigating whether it was terrorism-related, but according to NY1, there wasn’t a sense of panic in the area this morning. Explained droll host Pat Kiernan: “It seemed people were annoyed by the nuisance as much as anything.” Small explosion hits New York’s Times Square [Reuters] Update: Mayor Bloomberg just held a press conference about this. It turns out that it was a bomb in an ammunition box. Bloomberg called the attack on the recruitment office an insult to our troops and added that “New York City is back and open for business.” NYPD chief Ray Kelly said the device was not “particularly sophisticated” and explained that there is one witness who saw a suspicious hooded man on a bicycle passing the recruiting station just before the explosion.
  21. in other news
    Take the 8:15 Into the City, or Out of It Score another defeat for John Cheever. The world immortalized in his classic short story “The Five Forty-Eight” — about an emotionally distant adman who lives in the fictional Westchester suburb of Shady Hill — has long gone the way of the three-martini lunch. But now it seems even the very idea of the Westchester commuter could be disappearing, too: For the first time in the 23-year history of Metro-North, less than half its riders are commuters from the suburbs into Manhattan, according to a report in today’s Times — 49.3 percent, to be exact, down from 65.3 percent of riders in 1984.