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  1. Trump Blows Up ‘Compromise’ House Immigration BillThe president has now positioned himself to the right of his hard-core immigration adviser, Stephen Miller, which is difficult to do.
  2. Kid Rock’s Demand for Extreme Government Simplicity Is Not So SimpleSometimes government is complicated because life is complicated, and sometimes compromise requires policies that just aren’t so simple.
  3. California Democrats Call for an End to Both Caucuses and SuperdelegatesIt’s a compromise that could work for both Sanders and Clinton camps at the convention.
  4. important ceilings
    Is There Still a Chance for Meaningful Compromise on Debt Reduction?Obama backs the “Gang of Six”’ plan.
  5. cable news
    Talk Box: The Left’s Take on Obama’s Latest SurrenderMeanwhile, Sean Hannity thinks it’s the Republicans who are caving.
  6. cable news
    Talk Box: Compromise? Thanks, But No ThanksRepublicans are telling the Democrats where they can store that olive branch, on our regular cable-news roundup.