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  1. bill de blasio’s new york
    Carrying Condoms No Longer Considered Evidence Against Sex WorkersThe NYPD will stop the controversial practice.
  2. progress
    New York State Might Become More Condom-FriendlyIt’s currently seen as evidence of prostitution.
  3. neighborhood news
    Pretty Much No One in Greenpoint Uses CondomsFire up those Girls jokes.
  4. sochi olympics 2014
    Olympic Village Is Prime Tinder Territory, of CourseAlways a hookup hot spot, now with an app.
  5. New Yorkers Have Relatively Big PenisesAccording to an analysis from an online condom store. 
  6. the racie for gracie
    GOP Mayoral Candidates Break With Democrats on Stop-and-Frisk, CondomsAt Wednesday’s debate.
  7. progress
    If You Carry Lots of Condoms, the Brooklyn D.A. Won’t Hold It Against YouPreviously, they would have assumed you’re a prostitute.
  8. custom condoms
    Bill Gates Wants a New Condom Patent, Like, NowThere’s a $1 million grant behind it.
  9. valentine’s day
    City’s ‘Condom Finder’ App Upgraded Just in Time for Valentine’s DayValentine’s Day is also National Condom Awareness Day.
  10. stuck in the mittle
    There Is a Romney Condom“Never Settle”?
  11. occupy wall street
    There Are Occupy Wall Street CondomsSay goodbye to the next generation.
  12. pope benedict xvi
    Pope Now Acknowledges That, Actually, Several Instances Probably Call for the Use of a Condom“For Benedict, the use of condoms by people infected with H.I.V. could be ‘the first step of responsibility, whether it’s a man or woman or a transsexual.’”
  13. pope benedict xvi
    Pope Seems a Little Unsure of His Own Stance on Condoms“Of course the Church does not regard condom use as a real or moral solution.”
  14. pope benedict xvi
    Extremely Religious Elderly Man Cedes That in One Particular Case, Condoms Are Probably a Good IdeaNamely, if you’re a gay hooker.
  15. that’s nuts
    There’s Something Odd About This StoryA judge from Intercourse, Pennsylvania, got in trouble for putting condoms inside acorns.
  16. health hysteria
    Why Someone Sent a Congresswoman an Unwrapped CondomThese threats keep getting weirder.
  17. neighborhood news
    Ladies and Gentlemen, Meet Your New NYC-Branded CondomGet used to this guy; you’ll be seeing a lot of him.
  18. sex in the city
    Help the City Pick Its New Condom WrapperThe city needs your help nailing this down.
  19. sex in the city
    Help the City Design Its New, Non-Raunchy, Non-Blasphemous Condom WrapperNo, you cannot degrade the Statue of Liberty in your design.
  20. the greatest depression
    Daily Intel Stock Tip of the Day: Buy Gold and CondomsApparently, the Greatest Depression has been good for condoms.
  21. intel
    ‘New York Men Don’t Wear Condoms Because They Have Small Penises’And other theories on the Health Department’s recent study from Jezebel’s Moe and Daily Intel’s Jessica.
  22. the morning line
    Safe • Crime is drastically down so far this year, with the city on track to set a record in 2007: the fewest murders since the police began keeping track in the sixties. An NYU prof credits an NYPD program that sends crowds of rookie cops to bad neighborhoods — and those rookie cops would be the ones they’re now paying $25k. [NYDN] • Is Joe Bruno the Alan Hevesi of the sky? The state’s top Republican is under investigation for allegedly steering state contracts to associates; now Spitzer is threatening to look into Bruno’s use of state aircraft — and police escorts — to fly to fund-raisers in New York City. [NYP] • Those new New York City condoms hit 100 of New York’s 325 senior centers last week. The remaining 225 centers — save for seven apparently run by prudes — will get their rubbers this week, along with pamphlets on HIV prevention. [NYP] • Bloomberg’s new noise code went into effect yesterday. See, isn’t the city nice and quiet now? [NYT] • And A-Rod’s wife wore a tank top to yesterday’s game bearing the words “Fuck You” on the back. Perhaps it would have been better to convey this message at home? [NYP]
  23. the morning line
    It’s Goya For Gioia • Queens Councilman Eric Gioia is living his own version of Supersize Me: as an awareness-raising stunt, he will spend one week on a $28 food budget (the average food-stamp allotment). His strategy: lots of peanut butter and beans. [NYDN] • So, what do we know about the Fort Dix Six? Three of them belonged to an Albanian family (more of a clan, we suppose, with 200 members in the U.S. alone) that owns roofing businesses in New York and New Jersey. The other two, a Palestinian and a Turk, lived in Philly; the sixth man, a self-described Kosovar sniper, remains a mystery. [NYT] • Just as Murdoch’s Dow Jones–related news presence was waning, the mogul comes up with a doozy of an announcement: He will take News Corp. carbon-neutral. For instance, 24 will use biodiesel generators to film its deranged right-wing torture fantasies. No, seriously. [NYP] • Rudy Giuliani won’t comment on Pope Benedict XVI’s statement that all politicians who support abortion rights should be excommunicated from the Catholic Church. Which is probably a good idea: Given Rudy’s recent record, not much good comes from his commenting on, well, anything. [amNY] • And, the city’s about to stop its insanely popular subway-themed condom and lubricant giveaway because “it is unclear whether the condoms are reaching target groups.” The Health Department hasn’t ruled out launching a different brand. We suggest the “Old Times Square” theme. [Kaiser Network]
  24. the morning line
    It’s Tough to Love a Steamroller • Must be all that screaming, cursing, and Medicaid- cutting: Governor Spitzer’s approval ratings plunged 13 percent in the latest Quinnipiac poll, with only 48 percent happy with his performance. [NYP] • A Bronx martial-arts instructor has confessed to a plan to train Al Qaeda terrorists. Tarik Shah, a jazz musician by day, was going to provide instruction in hand-to-hand combat. Does Osama’s new plan involve simply beating us up? [MetroNY] • We may not have farms in skyscrapers quite yet, but here’s one on a barge: Sun Works, a group of local scientists, is growing tomatoes, lettuce, and peppers in a floating garden just off the West Side Highway. [WNYC] • Think the city’s taking too much interest in what’s on your plate? You’ll be happy to know its attention is shifting south: The Department of Health is about to start a campaign promoting circumcision. [NYT] • And in a related item, the City Hall’s inexplicably subway-themed condom giveaway has been a huge success, with five million snatched up in 30 days. The city does not provide statistics on the items’ actual use. Yet. [NYDN]