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  1. tourist traps
    Even the Times Square Characters Are Moving to Brooklyn“I don’t come to the Boardwalk to hang out with inaccurate versions of characters.”
  2. crimes and misdemeanors
    Man Arrested for Smearing Paint on Brooklyn 9/11 Memorial “This is extremely personal.”
  3. bad ideas
    New York Beachgoers Fail to Appreciate Nazi Symbol BannerA good way to ruin a sunny day.
  4. bill de blasio’s new york
    Chiara, Dante de Blasio Will Rule Mermaid ParadeHeavy is the ‘fro that wears the crown.
  5. summer is coming
    Check Out These Dreamy Vintage Photos of Coney Island in the ’60sA ‘60s-centric preview of the new exhibit at the Museum of the City of New York.
  6. accidents
    Two NYPD Officers Critically Injured While Responding to a Fire They got stuck in a smoky elevator.
  7. Dolphin Surviving Brooklyn Water, for NowMemo to dolphin: Get out of here!
  8. fox news
    Bill O’Reilly Thinks the Coney Island Mermaid Parade Seems Pretty Gay“I’m not being a wise guy or being offensive,” he said.
  9. neighborhood news
    Coney Island’s Swaying Astrotower Will Be DemolishedIt had recently begun swaying, a lot. 
  10. scary things
    Swaying Coney Island Astro Tower Scared a Lot of People TodayThe swaying was normal; the evacuation less so.
  11. happy things
    Roller Coaster From Annie Hall Returns to ConeyThe new Thunderbolt is a bit fancier.
  12. neighborhood news
    Coney Island Mermaid Parade Saved by Kickstarter, Amanda PalmerThe Internet defeats Hurricane Sandy.
  13. hurricane sandy
    Coney Island’s Mermaid Parade Needs a $100,000 Kick StartHurricane Sandy caused some budget problems.
  14. civic improvement
    They’ve Finally Found a Use for Coney Island’s Historic Childs RestaurantIt’s been a landmark long enough.
  15. coney balony
    Judge Rules a Plastic and Concrete Boardwalk Is No Big Change for ConeyNot enough to warrant a review.
  16. Get Ready for a Shinier, Newer, Post-Sandy Coney IslandThe storm helped accelerate a change already in progress.
  17. Occupy Sandy’s Street Medics Go Door-to-Door in Coney IslandInside a crumbling tower full of seniors.
  18. school daze
    Teacher Exodus at Troubled Coney Island SchoolIt seems that Greta Hawkins is a little difficult to work for.
  19. the most important people in the world
    Law & Order Star Also Happens to Be Sand Castle Master, Dad of the YearVincent D’Onofrio dominated at Coney Island on Sunday.
  20. coney island
    The Cyclone Only Costs 25 Cents TomorrowThe Coney Island roller coaster is turning 85.
  21. the most important controversies in the world
    Congressman Pushes Children Into Bitter, Patriotic Sing-Off God bless the USA.
  22. political correctness
    School Principal Nixes ‘Proud to Be an American’Parents are not pleased.
  23. winter
    Polar Bear Club Takes a Quick Dip at Coney IslandCheck out some photos from the New Year’s winter swim.
  24. birds
    There Are a Lot of People With Binoculars and Cameras at Coney Island Right NowThey’re waiting to see a seagull. No joke.
  25. shrinkage
    Warm Air, Cold Water at the 2011 Coney Island Polar Bear SwimTemperatures were in the 50s on New Year’s Day, producing a huge turnout at the annual Polar Bear swim, but the water was still plenty cold.
  26. photo op
    Run, Don’t Walk, Toward the FutureHundreds went swimming on Coney Island yesterday.
  27. coney island
    See Coney Island’s, Freaks, Geeks and Other Supporters As They Protest EvictionsA dark day for regulars at Ruby’s.
  28. neighborhood news
    Let Us Now Mourn the Loss of Coney Island’s ‘Shoot the Freak’You were too messy for life, it seems.
  29. takeru kobayashi
    Hot-Dog-Eating Champ Takeru Kobayashi Arrested on Coney IslandA July 4 tradition takes a strange turn.
  30. photo op
    How Is a Deceased Accounting Firm Like a Mermaid?Ask this guy.
  31. neighborhood news
    Astroland Owner to Sell Rides, at LastAnybody want to buy a Tilt-A-Whirl?
  32. coney island
    New Coney Island Park to Open by SummerThe park will have nineteen rides!
  33. neighborhood news
    City Finally Buys Seven Key Acres on Coney Island BoardwalkFor $95.6 million, the city can finally start building the amusement park of their dreams.
  34. photo op
    Who Won the Miss Coney Island Pageant This Year?Everyone!
  35. neighborhood news
    Thirty Sharks Coming to Coney IslandSure, they’ll be walled off in a giant aquarium … for now.
  36. puppies!!!!!!
    Five-Legged Puppy ON TRIALDamn you, Jeanine Pirro. Damn you!
  37. neighborhood news
    Joy and Pain on Coney IslandThe entirety of the human experience, in one video.
  38. A Little Piece of Michael Jackson Lives On in BrooklynConey Island’s Dragon Wagon Kiddie Coaster came from Neverland!
  39. photo op
    Saturday in Coney Island: Hot Rods, Cool ChicksThis weekend Coney Island was packed with cool cars and hot rockabilly chicks for the annual Rumblers Car Club show.
  40. neighborhood watch
    Planned Coney Amphitheater Derided As ‘Plastic Potato Chip’Critics are saying the $64 million project’s a waste of money and an eater-upper of parkland.
  41. neighborhood watch
    Palm-Size Gaydar Device Available on Coney Island’Just point this mechanism at your target and press the button!’ Isn’t that what you do anyway?
  42. Coney to Challenge Mighty Fort Greene Brooklyn Flea MonopolyWhen you think about it, scary kitsch and Coney Island DO go hand in hand…
  43. Coney Island Is Trashy, LiterallyNot the overall atmosphere — real trash. Ick!
  44. happy things
    Hope for Astroland After All?The ‘Daily News’ says the park may have one last shot at survival.
  45. sad things
    Astroland to Close for Good, AgainThe owner of the fabled amusement park says it’s over for real this time.
  46. freaks
    Eak the Geek Goes To Law SchoolA Coney Island freak trades the boardwalk for books.
  47. neighborhood watch
    Does Dumbo’s Squarehead Have a Secret Admirer?A copycat has taken over for a famed Dumbo robber. Plus, déjà vu at Astroland, tenant grievances in the East Village, and more in our post–Labor Day boroughs briefing.
  48. neighborhood watch
    Is Victory Ford Coming Out With A Beer-Wench Line?’Lipstick Jungle’ films in the Flatiron district, and more dramatic news, in today’s boroughs report.
  49. neighborhood watch
    Now Brooklyn Heights Is Climbing Aboard the Ikea Whine WagonThe Wonder Wheel is 88! On 8/8/08! Whee! Climb aboard the daily boroughs report and drink in the view!
  50. in other news
    Brooklyn Teen Learns Best Way to Pick Up GirlsA 17-year-old freak learns one of life’s truths working on the Coney Island boardwalk.
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