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  1. 2018 midterms
    I Recall Stacey Abrams’s 1992 ‘Flag Burning.’ It Was a Small, Peaceful Protest.The demonstration that’s surfaced in the Georgia governor’s race was no big deal — other than Abrams being on the right side of history.
  2. anonymous op-ed
    Nikki Haley Addresses Anonymous White House Writer, Shows How to Exploit CrisisThe former South Carolina governor is a consummate opportunist in moments of crisis.
  3. Confederate Monuments Are Propaganda — Not HistoryMemorials to the Confederacy were erected by advocates of white supremacy.
  4. Confederate Flag Issue Making a Comeback in South Carolina Special ElectionA GOP candidate is attacking rivals for voting to remove the Dixie flag from the Statehouse grounds.
  5. Nikki Haley Gets a Foreign-Policy Credential for Her Future Presidential RunTrump gets diversity points and a telegenic international face for his administration. She gets what she needs for a credible White House candidacy.
  6. early and often
    House Votes to Ban Confederate Flags From VA CemeteriesEven Republican leaders voted for the measure.
  7. confederate flag
    Ole Miss Takes Down State Flag Featuring Confederate EmblemStudents and faculty united in opposition to the symbol.
  8. the sports section
    Mississippi Coaches Call for State Flag ChangeOle Miss coach Hugh Freeze and Mississippi State coach Dan Mullen were among those whose names appeared in a newspaper ad calling for a change.
  9. Confederate Flags Found Outside Martin Luther King Jr.’s ChurchSurveillance footage shows two white men placing the flags.
  10. endings
    South Carolina’s Confederate Flag Comes Down to Cheers, SingingCrowds packed the statehouse grounds.
  11. flags
    South Carolina Governor Signs Bill to Remove Confederate FlagThe flag will come down in the morning.
  12. Congress Can’t Quite Decide What to Do About the Confederate FlagRepublicans pulled a spending bill that included an amendment that would permit Confederate flags in federal cemeteries. 
  13. Hillary Clinton Will Keep Dodging the Press — and Win the Election AnywayHer sit-down with CNN doesn’t count.
  14. racism
    South Carolina Senate Votes to Remove Confederate FlagHouse approval awaits.
  15. early and often
    Jeb Bush Belatedly Admits Confederate Flag Is ‘Racist’Which puts him ahead of much of the 2016 Republican field.
  16. protests
    Who Is Bree Newsome, the Woman Who Took Down South Carolina’s Confederate Flag? She’s an activist, a filmmaker, a musician, a mocker of Mitt Romney, and an apparent Beyoncé fan.
  17. confederate flag
    Woman Scales Pole to Remove Confederate Flag at South Carolina CapitolShe and another person were arrested, and the flag has since been re-raised. 
  18. confederate flag
    Confederate Imagery Continues Getting Banned From Real — and Virtual — WorldsApple removed all Civil War games from the App Store.
  19. confederate flag
    Who’s Keeping Their Confederate Flags, Who’s NotState politicians and nationwide retail businesses are souring on the controversial symbol. Here’s the latest …
  20. confederate flag
    The Only 2016 Hopeful Still Defending the Confederate Flag Is a DemocratJim Webb was the last possible 2016 candidate to release a statement on the battle flag.
  21. the national interest
    The Confederate-Flag Backlash and the New American PatriotismAs a symbol of hatred falls, a new understanding of American history takes shape.
  22. bad ideas
    How to Cover Up Your Confederate-Flag TattooWith a bear, perhaps.
  23. the national interest
    GOP Forgets to Blame Democrats for SegregationDemocrats are the party of segregation! And also they irrationally hate the confederate flag for some reason.
  24. early and often
    2016 Republicans Reveal They Were Against the Confederate Flag All AlongTheir stance became much clearer after South Carolina lawmakers said it should be taken down.
  25. confederate flag
    Nikki Haley, Lindsey Graham, Many Others Call for Taking Down Confederate FlagSenator Tim Scott joins the call, too.
  26. charleston shooting
    The GOP Presidential Candidates’ Confederate Flag ProblemIn the aftermath of last week’s racist attack, Republicans are being forced to confront a politically treacherous controversy.
  27. After Charleston, SCOTUS Rules on Stars and BarsThe decision hinged on an unusual break from his conservative colleagues by Clarence Thomas.
  28. the south
    Confederate Flag Means ‘Everyone Is Welcome’Okay. 
  29. in other news
    Huckabee Salutes the Stars and BarsMike Huckabee has to do something extreme to differentiate himself from his opponent John McCain in South Carolina at this point. With the primary tomorrow, the two remain neck and neck (well, McCain doesn’t really have a neck, so maybe it’s neck and scar?). So Huckabee has taken a strategy that may work well in South Carolina but will have people scratching their heads in many other places in the country. Ever the populist, he’s come out in favor of one of America’s oldest underdogs: the right to fly the Confederate flag. Yesterday, in Myrtle Beach, he told a crowd of South Carolinians: “You don’t like people from outside the state coming in and telling you what to do with your flag.” Until 2000 when it was removed after political pressure, the pennant was still flying at the South Carolina State House. “If somebody came to Arkansas and told us what to do with our flag, we’d tell them what to do with the pole,” Huckabee finished. Ha-ha! He’d ram it up their asses! Oh, wait. That image in and of itself is a little offensive, even without the whole racial problem the flag represents. Click above to hear a pro-Huckabee ad that is running in the state right now, sponsored by the “Americans for the Preservation of American Culture,” a group that claims it is unaffiliated with the candidate. McCain, who in the past has called the flag a racist symbol, is painted as an anti-hero. As we discussed this morning, this all may show how well Huckabee knows his base, but it also kind of shows how poorly he knows everybody else. Huckabee Embraces Confederate Flag To Woo White Evangelicals [HuffPo] Earlier: Huckabee Is Inside Our Heads, Vice Versa