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Confederate Memorials

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    The Photographer Who Documents the Former Sites of Confederate MonumentsArtist Matthew Shain set out to capture the pedestals where they once stood.
  2. Why Conservative Politicians Love Defending the Confederate FlagThe movement to protect the Lost Cause’s symbols and memorials shows that old neo-Confederate habits still live, from Alabama to the White House.
  3. There’s a Lot at Stake in the VA Governor’s Race — and Democrats Are WorriedPolls are now very tight in a nasty culture-war campaign. If Republican Ed Gillespie wins, look out in 2018.
  4. John Kelly Is As Deluded About the Confederacy As Donald Trump IsThe wise, gray head who is supposed to be restraining Donald Trump seems as reactionary as his boss is on key matters of history and culture.
  5. Zinke: If We Take Down Confederate Statues, ‘Indians’ Will Start ComplainingThe Interior secretary argues that if we take down Confederate statues, we’ll need to remove ones of Union generals who mistreated Native Americans.
  6. Trump Tweets His Way Into the Virginia Governor’s RaceThe same day a new poll shows the Democratic candidate taking a big lead.
  7. Confederate Monuments Are Propaganda — Not HistoryMemorials to the Confederacy were erected by advocates of white supremacy.
  8. A Running List of Confederate Monuments Removed Across the CountryIt’s a pretty long list.
  9. ESPN Removes Announcer Robert Lee From UVA Game Because of His NameThe network didn’t want Robert Lee, the college-football play-by-play guy, to remind anyone of Robert E. Lee, the Confederate general.
  10. The Debate Over the Removal of Confederate Memorials Continues to SimmerMore are being taken down every day.
  11. Confederate Monuments Were Built to Change History, Not Preserve ItA democracy that retains monuments to men who committed treason — in defense of slavery — is one that has changed its history, not learned from it.
  12. North Carolina Governor Calls for Removal of Confederate StatuesIt’s a bold idea, and it faces steep hurdles.
  13. Protesters Pull Down Confederate Statue in North CarolinaThe state’s governor said that while racism and violence are unacceptable, “there is a better way to remove these monuments.”
  14. Local Officials Call for Confederate Memorial Removals Post-CharlottesvilleAfter violence at a white nationalist rally in Charlottesville, more cities have announced plans to remove Confederate memorials.
  15. Failing GOP Candidate in VA Shows Limits to Attacks on ‘Political Correctness’Virginia gubernatorial hopeful Corey Stewart seems to have gone too far by running on the Confederacy.