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  1. defense department
    Senate Confirms Mark Esper As New Defense SecretarySeven months after Jim Mattis quit, the Pentagon finally has a permanent leader.
  2. 2018 midterms
    Democratic House, Republican Senate Now the Likeliest Midterm ScenarioHere’s what a newly divided government would mean.
  3. From Impeachment to SCOTUS, Republicans Scramble for Ways to Rev Up the BaseFrom possible SCOTUS openings to impeachment to deep state conspiracies, the GOP is trying to get conservative voters psyched out of their skulls.
  4. What the Midterms Would Look Like If Clinton Had WonThe silver lining of Trump’s presidential win for Democrats is that their party is facing a good, not a potentially disastrous, midterm election.
  5. Senate Democrats Let a Big Bunch of Trump Nominations Go Through TodayDemocrats had slowed down confirmations of Trump nominees to protest the Senate’s handling of health care legislation. Today they gave it a rest.
  6. Ashton Carter Is Your New Secretary of DefenseThe Senate easily confirmed the president’s nomination.
  7. comings and goings
    James Comey Confirmed As FBI Director Over Rand Paul’s Lone ‘No’ VotePaul released his hold on the nomination.
  8. politics
    Obama Nominees Confirmed by SenateStalling had led to Obama making threats of recess appointments.
  9. nobody pays their taxes
    Obama’s Labor Secretary Nominee Has Tax IssuesWell, her husband. Still, though, come on.
  10. early and often
    Tom Daschle Didn’t Realize He Had to Pay Taxes on That, EitherHere we go again …