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Confirming Kagan

  1. what can brown do for you?
    Scott Brown Was Never Going to Vote for Elena KaganThe independent-minded Republican takes the party line on this one.
  2. confirming kagan
    Lindsey Graham Calls Out Activism of Fellow Senators in Announcing Support for Elena KaganThe GOP’s new maverick shames his colleagues.
  3. confirming kagan
    Jon Stewart: Republicans Uncomfortable With Kagan’s ‘Jew-sylvania’ Background“Her opponents … fear they’ll look like provincial little-brains.”
  4. confirming kagan
    Elena Kagan’s Ten Funniest MomentsShe was cracking jokes left and right during her confirmation hearings.
  5. confirming kagan
    Senator Spends 40 Seconds at Kagan Hearings Talking About Twilight for Some ReasonElena Kagan doesn’t care for it at all.
  6. confirming kagan
    Orrin Hatch Harassing Elena Kagan for Pure EntertainmentYou sick man.
  7. bons mots
    Sessions: Kagan Remarks ‘Unconnected to Reality’The Republican senator and Supreme Court nominee have different memories of what happened at Harvard several years ago.
  8. confirming kagan
    The Opening Statements of the Elena Kagan Confirmation Hearing in One SentenceEach senator on the Judiciary Committee made an opening remark today.