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  1. mint the coin
    How Biden Could End the Debt-Ceiling Crisis by ‘Minting the Coin’The president could bail the United States out of debt default by ordering the creation of a $1 trillion platinum coin. Really.
  2. politics
    When Will Congress Move on Biden’s Agenda?Democrats’ timetable has slowed, as they are pursuing bipartisan deals and haven’t settled on a legislative strategy. But it will be a busy summer.
  3. capitol riot
    January 6 Commission Dies, As Republicans Oppose Focus on January 6With the GOP demanding an investigation of left-wing violence unrelated to the Capitol riot, Pelosi is shifting to a regular House investigation.
  4. stimulus checks
    Third Stimulus Checks: Everything You Need to KnowPresident Biden’s $1.9 trillion COVID relief package includes $1,400 stimulus checks. Here’s who’s eligible and when the payments should arrive.
  5. coronavirus stimulus
    Democrats Should Seek Quick Stimulus CompromiseAmerica’s vulnerable can’t wait two more months for relief. And half measures today don’t rule out further stimulus tomorrow.
  6. public health
    Congress Must Bail Out Bars for Public Health’s SakeIn the absence of federal help, states will gamble on reckless reopenings to prop up falling revenue.
  7. the economy
    The U.S. Economy Just Shrank at a Record Pace (and That’s the Good News)In macroeconomic terms, last quarter was the worst in recorded history. In human terms, this one could be worse (at least if the GOP gets its way).
  8. coronavirus stimulus
    The GOP’s Procrastination on COVID Relief Is InexcusableRepublicans had four months to prepare the next stimulus bill. Instead, they’re racing against the clock — and their own economic delusions.
  9. the economy
    Congress Can’t Handle the Truth About the Coronavirus RecessionWith coronavirus cases surging, the U.S. economy has never been sicker, and Republicans are preparing to take it off life support.
  10. coronavirus stimulus
    GOP Hopes to Revive Economy by Making Life Harder for UnemployedA partisan divide over whether jobless people should be poorer has thrown the next coronavirus relief package into jeopardy.
  11. stimulus legislation
    Trump to Pelosi: I’ll Help GOP Governors If You Cut Taxes on RichThe president is open to providing a little more aid to states (something many Republicans want) in exchange for capital gains tax cuts.
  12. coronavirus stimulus
    House Democrats Open Bidding on the Next Stimulus Round With $3 Trillion BillPelosi’s proposal includes a new round of checks for individuals, and a big new fund for state and local governments.
  13. mueller time
    The 5 Biggest Lies Republicans Told at Mueller’s HearingThe Republican counternarrative to Mueller’s damning findings about Trump rests on five false premises.
  14. irs
    Bipartisan Bill Would Ban IRS From Making Tax-Filing Free and EasyThe IRS has the data and technology to pre-fill your tax forms for you. But that would make TurboTax less profitable. So Congress won’t allow it.
  15. 2018 midterms
    The GOP’s 2019 Agenda Is for Donors’ Eyes OnlyRepublicans aren’t campaigning on what they’ll do if they keep Congress because they don’t want you to know.
  16. the irs
    The GOP Gutted the IRS — and the Rich Made Out Like BanditsBy denying the IRS the funding necessary to police tax fraud, Republicans have helped American businesses evade $125 billion in taxes each year.
  17. government shutdown
    Congressional Republicans Ignoring Trump Government Shutdown ThreatsTrump is again threatening to shut down the federal government over border wall funding. His congressional allies are strangely sure he’s bluffing.
  18. Trump Has Not Transformed the Republican Party — YetAnti-Trump Republicans are going extinct. But on policy matters, the congressional GOP has changed Trump far more than he has changed it.
  19. Elderly White Voters Are Starting to Turn on the GOPIn 2016, older, college-educated white voters favored a Republican Congress by ten points. Today, they support a Democratic one.
  20. GOP to Push for More Tax Cuts — and a Balanced Budget AmendmentSources say Republicans will follow this act with legislation allowing all Americans to have their cake, and eat it as well.
  21. The GOP Is Embracing Fiscal Irresponsibility. That’s (Probably) for the Best.Republicans are poised to pass a giant stimulus in an already-strong economy. That’s bad for the deficit — but good for workers.
  22. Trump Has Lost the Upper Hand in the Immigration FightThe president took hostages that he’s unwilling to shoot. Now, the Dreamers’ allies have no reason to pay his ransom.
  23. The GOP’s FBI Conspiracy Theory Just Got Even DumberLooks like the FBI wasn’t corrupted by a “secret society” of Hillary Clinton supporters, after all.
  24. First Post-Shutdown Poll: Trump, Democrats Share the BlameImpressions of the shutdown will change and fade, but for now it doesn’t look like the Democrats fared that badly.
  25. Lawmakers Turned the Government Shutdown Into a Blame GameFeaturing a highly partisan White House voice-mail message.
  26. Republicans Poised for Collapse in New YorkThe historic unpopularity of Trump and the GOP tax bill have left the party without a single statewide candidate at the start of 2018.
  27. House Passes Spending Bill, Punts Policy Fights to Next YearThe continuing resolution keeps the government running until mid-January, while leaving DACA, Obamacare, and Defense spending unaddressed.
  28. Congress Will Not Renew the Children’s Health Insurance Program This YearRepublicans will jeopardize 9 million American kids’ access to medical care because they’re worried about adding $13 billion to the deficit.
  29. No, the Media Has Not Been Unfair to the GOP Tax BillNobody forced Republicans to write a tax bill that gives a giant, permanent cut to corporations — and a small, temporary one to the middle class.
  30. Rubio Threatens to Sink Tax Bill If Child Tax Credit Isn’t ExpandedMeanwhile, other Republicans are worried that their bill gives too much to the middle class, and too little to millionaires.
  31. After Tax Cut for the Rich, Trump Hopes to Take Food From Poor KidsThe president plans to cut off food aid to low-income children whose parents are unemployed, or test positive for marijuana.
  32. After Tax Cuts, Republicans Eye Civil WarHouse conservatives just fired the opening salvo in a looming intraparty fight over spending, immigration, and perhaps, the special counsel.
  33. Republicans Have Written the Least Popular Tax Bill in Modern HistoryIt’s the first unpopular tax cut in at least four decades — and is even more hated than the bill that raised taxes under Clinton.
  34. The GOP Has Officially Engineered a Children’s Health-Care CrisisStates are now sending out letters informing low-income families that the Children’s Health Insurance Program might not exist next year.
  35. The GOP’s Fixation on Giant Corporate Tax Cuts Is Political InsanityRepublicans are soaking the middle class — and jeopardizing their House majority — all for the sake of business tax cuts their voters don’t want.
  36. Trump Promises His Tax Plan Won’t Limit 401(k) ContributionsThe president shoots down congressional Republicans’ latest scheme for offsetting the cost of corporate tax cuts.
  37. Why Trump’s Tax Plan Will (Probably) Be Impossible to PassThe plan’s upper middle-class tax increases are too high for many GOP lawmakers to tolerate – but still too low to satisfy the party’s deficit hawks.
  38. Trump’s Tax Plan: Prioritize Cuts for the Rich, Say He Isn’tRepublicans have their final framework for tax reform — and it still includes tax breaks that only multimillionaires can use.
  39. The GOP Wants to Crack Down on Tax Evasion — Among the Working PoorRepublicans have a plan to grow the deficit, hurt the poor, and make it easier for billionaires to evade taxes — all at the same time!
  40. The GOP Must Make Obamacare Sabotage-Proof by Month’s EndOr else health-insurance premiums will (almost certainly) rise by double digits.
  41. Breitbart News Will Try to Force Trump to Be Trump, Whether He Likes It or NotYou can expect Breitbart News to intensify its efforts to get Trump to stay “populist”, even if it mean repudiating key family members and advisers.
  42. The Case for Nonviolence in a Violent SocietyProtecting the vulnerable requires recognizing the violence inherent in our system — and defending the restrictions on violence inherent in it, too.
  43. Could Trump Get Away With Firing the Special Prosecutor?Right-wing media is encouraging Trump to pull the trigger. And the only people who could punish him for doing so are congressional Republicans.
  44. The White House Is Reportedly Considering a Carbon TaxSome in the Trump administration are leaking word of the proposal, even as the White House officially denies it is considering any such thing.
  45. The GOP Just Voted Against States’ Rights to Shield Wall Street From CompetitionRepublicans just a passed a bill that expands federal regulation, discourages saving, and restricts competition, for Wall Street’s sake.
  46. The Chamber of Commerce May Learn to Love TrumpIf the new administration and the Chamber’s allies in Congress give big business the tax and regulatory “relief” it wants, it’ll be fine with Trump.
  47. Why Obama Is Writing a Flood of New Regulations for Trump to RepealThere are only so many hours in a legislative day.