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Congressional Review Act

  1. 2018 midterms
    Total GOP Control in Washington Is About to End. What Did They Get Out of It?For two years Republicans have theoretically had the power to remake the federal government. How did that work out for them? It was a mixed bag.
  2. health care
    Democrats Lose Senate Vote on Junk Health Plans, But Send a MessageThe vote dramatized one way in which Trump and Republicans are undermining coverage of preexisting conditions.
  3. A Few Republican Senators Helped Save an Obama-Era Climate RuleIt prevents the venting of methane — a potent greenhouse gas — at drilling sites.
  4. Everything in Washington Could Grind to a Halt on April 28Aside from the possibility of a government shutdown on April 28, it’s also when the power to reverse Obama regulations by special procedures ends.
  5. Trump Makes Labor-Law Violators Eligible for Federal Contracts AgainThe Fair Pay and Safe Workplaces rule bars serial labor-law violators from receiving federal money. Trump just overturned it.
  6. Why Obama Is Writing a Flood of New Regulations for Trump to RepealThere are only so many hours in a legislative day.