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  1. No, the Media Has Not Been Unfair to the GOP Tax BillNobody forced Republicans to write a tax bill that gives a giant, permanent cut to corporations — and a small, temporary one to the middle class.
  2. Doug Jones’s Victory Shows the Way Forward for Democrats in the SouthDoug Jones assembled the same kind of biracial coalition that always worked for southern Democrats, but without being conservative. Get used to it.
  3. Congress Nearing Deal to Stave Off Shutdown Showdown Until JanuaryAnything could still happen, but it looks like the government will stay open through Christmas, with a real battle on tap for January.
  4. media
    How the Roy Moore Allegations Were Covered on the RightSome outlets ignored the story, others saw a left-wing conspiracy, and a Fox News guest claimed many accusers are just out to make money.
  5. No, Removing Monuments to Traitors Doesn’t Mean Removing Monuments to FoundersConfederate monuments don’t embody American history; they were built on lies about American history.
  6. GOP Deficit Hawkery Dies in the Dark of NightHouse GOP ends its tough talk about spending and deficits in a rush to cut taxes.
  7. House Budget Vote Necessary, But Not Enough, in the GOP’s Tax Cut PlansThe GOP dissenters in the House’s vote on a budget resolution setting up tax cuts indicate some potential problems ahead for the GOP.
  8. Voters, Not Just Politicians, Are Polarized by Party and IdeologyWhile some observers think of polarization as a Washington phenomenon that doesn’t reflect the citizenry, fresh evidence shows otherwise.
  9. The Psychology of TribalismOur polarized, group-oriented politics is thousands of years in the making.
  10. Does the GOP Base Love Trump More Than It Hates ‘Amnesty’?As Trump pursues a DREAM Act, we’re about to learn whether Trumpism is more of a personality cult than nativist movement.
  11. Why Trump Supporters Might Not Care That He’s Not Getting Anything DoneIt’s widely assumed conservatives will punish the GOP in 2018 for a poor record in Congress. Don’t count on it.
  12. Hurricane Harvey and the Stunted Moral Imagination of American ConservatismWhy does the government have a responsibility to aid hurricane victims, but not the blameless victims of poverty, racism, or other social calamities?
  13. House Conservatives Demand That Tax Reform Add to the DeficitThe House Freedom Caucus believes that the debt is a threat to our grandchildren — and in their upcoming tax plan, they insist on growing it.
  14. Disaster-Funding Package Could Make Debt Default Fears Go Away for a Long TimeThe popular idea of packaging must-pass fiscal legislation with disaster relief has a new wrinkle: increasing the debt limit until after the midterms.
  15. White House Wonders If It’s Safe to Fire Steve BannonMany of Trump’s closest allies want the Breitbart mastermind gone, while others reportedly worry about the “mischief” he could make in exile.
  16. Is Kasich Preparing a Primary Challenge to Trump in 2020?Kasich has never bent the knee to Trump. But viable primary challengers to sitting presidents come from the fever swamps, not the sensible center.
  17. Here Is Where Things Stand With the Senate Health-Care BillMcConnell doesn’t have the votes to pass any version of it. But, in theory, he does have an incredibly narrow path to success.
  18. Senate GOP to Try Doomed Vote on ‘Straight Repeal’ of ObamacareNow that Trumpcare is all but dead, McConnell will give conservatives their “straight repeal” vote, and then move on to tax and budget legislation.
  19. McConnell’s Two-Faced Approach to Health-Care ReformBy giving conservatives long-term Medicaid cuts and then telling moderates they won’t be implemented, McConnell may be too clever for his own good.
  20. It’s Looking Bad for Trumpcare, But Expect One More Big PushSo long as CBO gives the revised bill a better “score,” one last chance to repeal Obamacare could be appealing to all of the GOP’s factions.
  21. Cruz Amendment to Senate Health-Care Bill Now Dividing GOPInitially praised as brilliant, Cruz’s idea of letting insurers offer cheap, skimpy health plans is now looking like a deadly threat to sick people.
  22. Trumpcare Proves That the GOP Would Rather Increase Inequality Than Create JobsEnding the Medicaid expansion will eliminate an estimated 1.2 million jobs. But the “greatest jobs president God ever created” doesn’t seem to care.
  23. CBO: Medicaid Cuts Will Snowball Down the Road Under Senate Health-Care BillThe design of the Senate health-care bill is to slowly introduce Medicaid cuts that will grow much larger as time goes by.
  24. With Minor-Party Support, Theresa May Hangs Onto Power — for NowAfter a horrific election, she is managing to form a minority government. But her political situation is fragile.
  25. U.K. Shocker: Exit Poll, Early Results Say Tories Will Lose Their MajorityDefying expectations, Theresa May did not buttress her majority and Labour did not fall apart under Jeremy Corbyn. Either could wind up in power.
  26. To Trump Supporters, ‘Covfefe’ Is Another Way He’s Making America Great AgainThe president’s bizarre midnight tweet proves he’s just like us … or he’s a trolling genius.
  27. Trump Is Using a Nixon Tactic to Shore Up Conservative Support in a CrisisNixon got his base to rally behind him in early stages of Watergate. Will the same trick work for Trump?
  28. House Conservatives May Revolt Against Spending DealAfter the GOP got rolled in negotiations over a major spending bill, disappointment on the right may mean Democratic votes are necessary to pass it.
  29. Zombie Trumpcare Getting a Chilly Reception From Senate RepublicansIf the House succeeds in passing a revised version of the American Health Care Act, it faces many trials in the Senate that could unravel it all.
  30. GOP Senator Fans Rumors Trump Will Get Another SCOTUS Pick This YearChuck Grassley raises conservative hopes about a fifth vote against the right to choose.
  31. Conservative Governors Still Not Ready to Accept Free Medicaid MoneySome observers hoped the crash of Trumpcare would convince 19 holdout states to expand Medicaid. No such luck.
  32. Last Time the GOP Passed a Health-Care Bill the Vote Was UglyAs the House prepares for a long night of whipping on Trumpcare, bad memories return of a Medicare Part D vote that haunts conservatives to this day.
  33. Senate Republicans Hope House Health-Care Bill Dies AlreadyAs Paul Ryan struggles to get his star-crossed health-care bill across the line in the House, Senate Republicans are increasingly praying he fails.
  34. Breitbart Keeps Turning Up the Heat on Paul RyanEven as administration figures rallied around the GOP health plan, Trump’s fans at Breitbart used it as fresh ammunition in its war on the Speaker.
  35. Trump Already Wavering on TrumpcareAs GOP leaders try to whip the AHCA through the House unchanged, Trump is negotiating with conservatives in a way that could destroy Senate support.
  36. Trump Reportedly Said There Is a Second Health-Care Bill Coming SoonHe appears ready to move from one doomed bill to another.
  37. GOP Leaders to Conservative Rebels: Trump Has Our Back on ObamacareRyan and company are talking tough with conservatives opposed to their Obamacare plan, hinting Trump’s their ultimate weapon.
  38. Despite Trump Speech, Conservative Rebels Not Budging on ObamacareWe are being told Trump gave clear direction to the congressional GOP on how to repeal and replace Obamacare. If so, conservatives aren’t hearing it.
  39. Conservatives Revolt Against Keeping the Parts of Obamacare Americans LikeThe is GOP increasingly caught between “base” demands to destroy Obamacare and popular pressure to preserve key provisions.
  40. Conservatives Are Losing Their Base To TrumpThe voters Republicans were counting on to back them up in fights with the president have gone over to his side decisively and perhaps for good.
  41. Trump Plans Apprentice-Style SCOTUS AnnouncementPOTUS is reportedly bringing two finalists to D.C. to build suspense and boost ratings for tonight’s announcement. Could the staging backfire?
  42. Chelsea Manning and the False Logic of Harsh Prison SentencesThe idea that shorter periods of incarceration encourage crime is the myth that fuels the American prison state.
  43. The Koch Brothers Are Having a Bad Election YearOn the sidelines in the presidential election and seeing a poor ROI on their political investments, the Koch brothers face an uncertain future.
  44. A #NeverTrump Stalwart Was Actually Kind of Charmed by Trump’s Muslim-Ban SpeechIs Erick Erickson wavering?
  45. Conservative Republicans Falling in Behind TrumpThe utter failure of #NeverTrump is manifesting in the Donald’s rapid consolidation of the rank-and-file right.
  46. facebook
    Zuckerberg Will Meet Beck, Other ConservativesFacebook has denied they blacklisted any sites or content, but Zuckerberg is in damage-control mode regardless.
  47. Trump Made a Big Promise Aimed at Winning Over Nervous ConservativesHe seems to understand that quelling fears about the Supreme Court might be the most important thing he can do right now.
  48. early and often
    How Trump Is Making This Liberal Feel Strangely ConservativeI am suddenly more concerned about the dignity of the country than I’d ever imagined myself to be.
  49. Conservatives for BernieBernie’s coalition of white voters includes (in some states) a surprising number of people who probably aren’t jazzed about democratic socialism.
  50. The ‘Steak and Lobster’ Food-Stamp Myth Refuses to DieRight-wing legislators won’t let it go.
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