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Constantine Maroulis

  1. jesus christie
    Christie Owes That Long-Haired Guy From American Idol $500For fantasy football.
  2. gossipmonger
    Alexander Skarsgard: ‘I Love Being Naked’Oh! We love it too!
  3. party chat
    Maroulis-Mortimer Showmance Heats UpCan this be real?
  4. party chat
    Constantine on Tinsley: ‘We Have a Great Time Together’“And we have a lot in common!”
  5. hellivision
    Tinsley: Constantine Maroulis Is a ‘Really Nice Guy’The socialite acts coy about her lip-lock with an American Idol.
  6. hellivision
    Tinsley Mortimer Caught on Film Canoodling With Constantine MaroulisOh God. We’re having, like, THOUGHTS about this.