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  1. politics
    The Vice-President Who Saved Democracy on January 6 Was … Dan Quayle?Mike Pence has been hailed for resisting Trump’s calls to reject Biden votes. But a new book says the coup was thwarted by an even less likely hero.
  2. politics
    Trump Previews Impeachment Defense: It Wasn’t Incitement, It Was Free SpeechHouse Democrats begin to lay out the case of the “grievous betrayal” of his oath of office.
  3. impeachment
    Who Will Be in Charge of Trump’s Impeachment Trial?Why it may not be Chief Justice John Roberts this time around.
  4. george floyd protests
    Former Pentagon Chief James Mattis Blasts Trump for Violating ConstitutionIt’s not a good sign when former subordinates trained for quiet discipline begin to call Trump a threat to the Constitution.
  5. the law
    No, President Trump Can’t Strike Birthright Citizenship Out of the ConstitutionThe president is trying to stir up questions about the 14th Amendment, though for more than a century the courts have been very clear on its meaning.
  6. foreign policy
    Trump Mulls Legally Dubious Plot to Deny Aid to Poor ForeignersThe White House might refuse to spend $3 billion that Congress appropriated for foreign aid (even as it demands a $716 billion military budget).
  7. No, Removing Monuments to Traitors Doesn’t Mean Removing Monuments to FoundersConfederate monuments don’t embody American history; they were built on lies about American history.
  8. conflicts of interest
    Are Foreign Payments to Trump’s Businesses Unconstitutional? We’ll Find Out.A federal judge in Manhattan heard arguments on whether Trump’s business profits violate the obscure foreign emoluments clause.
  9. Ninth Circuit Judges Unanimously Rebuff Trump, Keep Travel Ban on HoldThe ruling more or less took apart the government’s case for rushing the ban into effect.
  10. America’s Not a Democracy, and That’s Bad for DemocratsSlightly more than half the country supports them, but distortions in our system of government allow the GOP all the power.
  11. Candidates Debate Constitution, Until Trump Says He Might Just Blow It UpThe GOP candidate sounded reasonable for a bit. Then he said something crazy.
  12. Ted Cruz Once Argued That Americans Have No ‘Due Process’ Right to MasturbateAs Texas’s solicitor general, Cruz defended a dildo ban by arguing that there is no “substantive-due-process right to stimulate one’s genitals for non-medical purposes.”
  13. election 2040
    The 10-Year-Old Girl Lobbying for the PresidencyAlena Mulhern 2040.
  14. the national interest
    No, the Founders Were Not Tea PartiersA 200-year-old lie.
  15. Herman Cain Confused About How Constitutional Amendments WorkDo not require prez’s signature.
  16. revolt like an egyptian
    ElBaradei Says He’ll Run for President of EgyptThe Nobel Peace Prize winner wants a new constitution, too.
  17. populism yeah yeah
    ‘Did You Hear the Thunder Today? It Was Our Founding Fathers Clapping From Heaven!’Meet Janine Turner, actress, constitutional advocate.
  18. best congress ever!
    Republicans Violate Constitution on ‘Love the Constitution Day’ [Updated]Oooh, bad day for that.
  19. best congress ever!
    The House’s Reading of the Constitution Gets Off to an Awkward StartDemocrats want to know why, exactly, we’re not going to mention the slavery parts.
  20. early and awkward
    Christine O’Donnell Introduced to Concept of ‘Separation of Church and State’ for the First TimeIt’s an easy one to miss.
  21. secretary of awesome
    Hillary Clinton Will Not Be Thrown Out of Office by the Supreme CourtNobody cares about the Emoluments Clause.
  22. early and awkward
    GOP Congressman Wants to Take Power Away From the PeopleThat doesn’t sound right …
  23. state of disunion
    Why Justice Alito Was Moving His Mouth Last NightAnd was he right and Obama wrong?
  24. the supremes
    Update: Justice Scalia Is NOT More of a Plessy GuyThe conservative Supreme Court judge would have dissented in ‘Brown’ v. ‘Board of Education.’
  25. people in glass houses
    Rush Limbaugh Caps Off CPAC With Tour de Force of MisquotationsConstitution, Declaration of Independence … whatever.
  26. early and often
    Senator Feingold Is Not Amused by These Appointment ShenanigansRuss Feingold wants a constitutional amendment ending the practice of gubernatorial Senate appointments. But maybe they’re too much fun?
  27. civics lesson
    Congress Meets Today to Continue Horrible, Outdated PracticeThe Founding Fathers had some top-notch ideas, but this isn’t one of them.
  28. early and often
    The Supreme Court Wants to Choose the President Again!Well, not exactly. But they’re discussing whether to hear a case on Obama’s eligibility as a natural-born citizen.