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  1. the zucc
    Facebook Exacerbates One Problem by Trying to Solve AnotherIn reintroducing human editors, Facebook is making it easier for bad-faith critics to claim bias.
  2. moderation
    Report: YouTube’s Alt-Right Content Is As Popular As Its MusicFor years, employees warned executives about prioritizing engagement above all else.
  3. content
    A Dispute on Twitter Illustrates the Insanity of Copyright LawThe current architecture favors those with time and money to burn, not individuals who get ripped off.
  4. instagram
    FuckJerry’s Success Is Instagram’s FailureInstagram has known about the popular meme account for years — and done nothing about it.
  5. social media
    ‘Creators’ and the End of Online LeisureA single word has distorted the way users and platforms interact.
  6. select all
    SEO Is Back. Thank God.Facebook says the traffic is gone and it’s not coming back.
  7. In the Future, Everything Is an ExclusiveSubscription services are cutting deals left and right.
  8. The IOC Wants to Ban GIFs of the Olympics, Which, Ha, Good LuckContent always finds a way.
  9. internet-stained wretches
    Wikipedia Asks Public for $16 Million to Stay Free-to-UseLast year’s fund-raising drive raised only $8 million.