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Continuing Resolution

  1. government shutdown
    Yet Again, Trump Threatens Government Shutdown Over His Precious WallDemocrats aren’t in the mood to give Trump his border wall money, and are demanding concessions on Mueller and the 2020 Census.
  2. 2018 midterms
    Congress Moves to Make Sure There’s No Government Shutdown Before MidtermsMembers of Congress are hoping that Trump won’t flip-flop yet again and reject an agreement that fails to meet his demands for border wall funding.
  3. House Passes Spending Bill, Punts Policy Fights to Next YearThe continuing resolution keeps the government running until mid-January, while leaving DACA, Obamacare, and Defense spending unaddressed.
  4. Disaster Money May Give Congress a Way Out of Its Fiscal CrisisWith disaster funding for Texas becoming the ultimate must-pass legislation, Congress could use it as a way out of September’s fiscal crisis.
  5. If Trump Keeps Threatening Government Shutdown, Democrats Will Have Some OptionsNow that the president has put a government shutdown squarely on the table, Democrats must decide if they want a deal, or just a Trump defeat.
  6. Everything in Washington Could Grind to a Halt on April 28Aside from the possibility of a government shutdown on April 28, it’s also when the power to reverse Obama regulations by special procedures ends.