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  1. life after roe
    House Passes Contraceptives Bill the Senate Will Likely KillOnly eight GOP representatives voted for House legislation that conservatives deem a threat to religious liberty.
  2. supreme court
    Supreme Court Allows Trump Restrictions on Obamacare Contraception CoverageUp to 126,000 women could lose no-cost contraception coverage. The Court also expanded the “ministerial exception” to employee protections.
  3. the kavanaugh confirmation
    What You Need to Know About Kavanaugh’s ‘Abortion-Inducing Drugs’ CommentHarris and Clinton may have made a marginally misleading argument against Kavanaugh. But it pales beside the Big Con about his views on abortion.
  4. GOP Moneybags Foster Friess to Run for Governor of WyomingAfter contributing generously to candidates like Rick Santorum, Friess is ready to strut his own stuff.
  5. Draft ‘Religious Liberty’ Order Would Offer Vast Protections for DiscriminationIt would let anyone dealing with the federal government violate anti-bias policies at will.
  6. SCOTUS Punts on Contraception MandateThe requirement to give employees contraception coverage is also now at stake in November.
  7. Ted Cruz Reminisces About the Condoms of His College Years Cruz argued that there is no GOP “war on women” because when he was at Princeton there was a condom machine in his bathroom.
  8. the supremes
    What’s Next in the Contraceptive Coverage FightObama eschews executive action, says Congress should solve the problem.
  9. the supremes
    Obamacare Contraception Case Headed to Supreme Court, ‘by God’s Grace’Craft store Hobby Lobby fights for religious liberty.
  10. birth control
    Jindal Endorses Over-the-Counter Birth ControlHe calls for “the end of birth-control politics.”
  11. the circus
    Frank Rich on the National Circus: Banishing Akin Won’t Cure the Stag PartyAfter a short ceasefire, the Republican war on women starts again.
  12. politics
    Frank Rich on Maddow: Limbaugh Blew the GOP’s Contraception CoverHanded Obama and Dems “a soft ball right over the plate.”
  13. media
    Why Rush Limbaugh Is Facing a Perfect Storm of OutrageThe radio host is paying the price for his latest insult. Why now?
  14. politics
    GOP Candidates’ Reactions to the Rush Limbaugh Controversy Plus, what George Will thinks of their reactions.
  15. Despite Rush Limbaugh Apology, Advertisers Continue to FleeSeven sponsors have now backed away.
  16. Rush Limbaugh’s ‘Slut’ Attack Costs Him AdvertisersIncluding two mattress-makers. But is he losing any sleep?
  17. jerks
    Does Rush Limbaugh Owe America a Sex Tape?We might be paying for his Viagra, after all. 
  18. early and often
    ‘Blunt’ Smoked in the SenateWe’re tricking you into reading about politics.
  19. treasure hunt
    National Review Provides Helpful Guide to Getting Free Condoms in New York CityServicey!
  20. the gospel of rick
    Aspirin Joke Basically Santorum’s True PositionSantorum is distancing himself, but it’s hard to understand why. 
  21. the gospel of rick
    Rick Santorum Fine With Shaming Women in Certain SituationsLike when they use birth control.