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  1. ‘RINO’ Curtis Wins Utah GOP Special House PrimaryHe finished fifth at the GOP district convention and was attacked by out-of-state conservatives as a RINO, but John Curtis prevailed in the primary.
  2. Steve King a Cautionary Tale in Iowa Debate Over Adopting RunoffsIn an Iowa legislative debate over getting rid of party conventions to resolve nominations, Steve King’s rise to Congress was an object lesson.
  3. 4 Scenarios That Could Cause Havoc at the Republican National ConventionLook out, Cleveland!
  4. Conventions Shaping Up As Celeb-Driven SpectacleLooks like this worn-out political ritual will give way next month to something new.
  5. Trump Is Going to Make the GOP Convention a Big, Stupid Reality-TV ShowBrainwork will be strictly optional.  
  6. It’s Time to Abolish the Political ConventionWith talk of contested events now more or less dead, the question arises again: Why have these quadrennial charades that decide nothing?
  7. GOP Nomination-Process Guru Answers AllThe road through Cleveland often seems insanely complicated. But if anybody knows the answers to the key questions, it’s the University of Georgia’s Josh Putnam.
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    RNC Shuts Down Effort to Change Convention RulesRobert Yue’s proposal may have limited the GOP’s ability to nominate a “white knight” candidate.
  9. Donald Trump Is Right: The GOP Convention Needs More ‘Showbiz’There’s no inherent reason political conventions should revolve around people standing behind a podium and reading from a teleprompter. 
  10. If Trump Loses First Ballot, What Will He Do?He might have to pick sides: Lyin’ Ted or the Establishment.
  11. Can Republicans Recover From Convention Chaos? Democrats Did in 1968 After polling at just 28 percent around Labor Day, Hubert Humphrey came back and almost beat Richard Nixon.
  12. Expect Platform Fights at Both Conventions This SummerIt’s a weapon used by underdogs, and often the winning candidates just cave. 
  13. Trump, Cruz Seem Ready to Make Convention PactSo long as the front-runners have a common interest in ruling out competitors in Cleveland, the fantasies of a Ryan nomination will remain just that.  
  14. How an Obscure Rule Could Limit the GOP Convention to a Choice of Trump or Cruz“Rule 40(b),” adopted prior to the 2012 convention to keep Ron Paul from causing a ruckus, could end up closing off any other options in Cleveland. 
  15. GOP Base Loathes Idea of Elites Picking NomineeEven if party elites figure out a way to bypass the primary results in choosing a presidential nominee, there’s a problem: Republican voters will hate it.
  16. Veep Could Be Key Bargaining Chip in ClevelandIn the last contested convention, Reagan tried to use a preemptive running-mate choice to shake loose delegates. It could happen again.
  17. The Republican Convention Is Looking More and More Predictable by the Day“Insiders” are cooling to the idea of a nominee who hasn’t run this year. That dramatically reduces the number of scenarios.
  18. early and often
    Latest Conservative Cabal As Ineffective As All the Previous Anti-Trump Plots Another effort to orchestrate a “brokered convention” fails, as there are no “brokers.”
  19. Sorry, John Kasich: Trump and Cruz Can Together Control a ‘Contested Convention’All the Republican Establishment fantasies of bypassing the primary results to choose a preferred nominee via a “contested convention” ignore the reality that Trump and Cruz together will almost certainly control enough delegates to thwart them.
  20. Trump Predicts Riots If He Loses at Convention“I think you would see problems like you’ve never seen before. I think bad things would happen.”
  21. The Sad History of Modern Stop-the-Putative-Nominee CabalsThere have been several “anybody but ____” efforts in living memory to deny a presidential nomination front-runner the prize. But they’ve all failed.  
  22. For Ted Cruz, Anti-Trump Cabal Could Be a Suicide PactShould Cruz help Rubio and Kasich and the Republican Establishment stop Trump, knowing they’ll cast him aside the minute they can?
  23. Kasich’s Very Iffy Path to the GOP NominationIf John Kasich had some ham, he’d make a ham sandwich, if he had some bread. 
  24. Poachable Delegates Could Make the GOP Convention Extremely Entertaining“Mysterious” groups are already looking for “personal data” on delegates in case there is a brokered convention.
  25. Rubio Timetable for Victory Extended to JulyLast week’s fast-rising, red-hot smart-money favorite for the GOP nomination is now sending out staff to talk about winning a “brokered convention.”
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    SantaCon 2014 Is Basically DeadAll is merry and bright.
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    Santacon Hires Famous Civil-Rights LawyerNorman Siegel will represent the Santas.
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    Drunken, Vomiting Santas Relocating to BushwickSorry, Brooklyn.
  29. RNC Names 2016 Convention Finalists What happens in Vegas.
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    Political Kids’ Most Awkward Convention MomentsThe pitfalls of using your kids as props.
  31. Not Their Party: Fox News Eschews Convention CelebrationsNo free back rubs, either.