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    Gary Larson Hesitantly Logs On“The Far Side” has famously never been available online, until today.
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    A Dispute on Twitter Illustrates the Insanity of Copyright LawThe current architecture favors those with time and money to burn, not individuals who get ripped off.
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    E.U. Saves Memes by Rejecting Controversial Copyright RegulationsArticle 13 could have changed the internet drastically.
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    Why Is This Man Going to Prison for Copying Free Repair Software?Eric Lundgren made 28,000 unauthorized copies of software you can legally download for free. Now he’s headed to federal prison for 15 months.
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    Julian Assange Got in Trouble for Stealing a Viral VideoYou gotta keep engagement up somehow.
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    Warner Bros. Took Down Its Own Sites in Copyright SweepThe flaws in how the web handles copyright become ever more apparent.
  7. Why Is Oracle Suing Google and What’s at Stake?An intricate court case has big implications.
  8. The Woman Who Invented ‘on Fleek’ Still Hasn’t Seen a Dime for ItOur current copyright system offers little protection to the black creators generating much of the viral content.
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    Pirate Bay Co-Founder Arrested in CambodiaThe Swedes have been after him for years. 
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    Gingrich Sued for Using ‘Eye of the Tiger’ Throughout CampaignSurvivor is kicking Newt when he’s down.