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    Trump Donor Accuses Corey Lewandowski of Unwanted Sexual AdvancesThe former Trump campaign manager allegedly touched her leg and buttocks, spoke in sexually graphic terms, and “stalked” her.
  2. politics
    Another Trump Defender Is Accused of Being Drunk on TVCorey Lewandowski left a Fox Business host wondering if he’d had “a little Merlot with dinner.”
  3. trump administration
    Trump Loyalists Aren’t Being Ostracized After Leaving — They’re ThrivingSean Spicer, Kierstjen Nielsen, and Corey Lewandowski all made dramatic public comebacks this week.
  4. corey lewandowski
    The Wildest Moments From Corey Lewandowski’s House TestimonyThe Trump loyalist and Senate hopeful turned in an openly hostile performance that seemed designed to please the president.
  5. u.s. senate
    Corey Lewandowski Might Actually Run for Senate in New HampshireDonald Trump’s first campaign manager is “seriously considering” a challenge to Democratic senator Jeanne Shaheen.
  6. mueller time
    11 Areas of Obstruction of Justice Mueller InvestigatedMueller’s findings of fact about Trump’s behavior hardly seem “exonerating” at all.
  7. mueller time
    Trump Told Lewandowski to Do His Dirty Work, Thwart Mueller ProbeBut Trump’s former campaign manager demurred.
  8. early and often
    Corey Lewandowski Is Advising a Candidate Planning to Challenge AOCTrump’s former campaign manager has been helping Ruth Papazian, a medical journalist who’s launching a long-shot challenge to the first-term Democrat.
  9. Womp Womp: Corey Lewandowski Dropped by Speaker’s BureauThe former Trump campaign manager made a mocking remark concerning a child who was taken from her mother at the border.
  10. scandals
    What Hope Hicks Learned in WashingtonThe departure of the Trump whisperer has left the White House in even deeper chaos. Which surely pleases some outsiders angling to get back in.
  11. Advisers Warn Trump About Prospect of Democratic Wave in 2018The president is said to be tracking the GOP’s challenges closely. But will he do anything to help?
  12. drain the swamp
    Lewandowski Quits Lobbying Firm He Co-FoundedQuestions had been raised about the firm’s work in Eastern Europe, and why Lewandowski wasn’t registered as a lobbyist.
  13. Report: Corey Lewandowski Is Promising Clients Face Time With TrumpThe president’s former campaign manager is offering clients meetings with “key members of the U.S. Administration,” according to Politico.
  14. Actually, Trump Says, the Swamp Will Be DrainedOn the day another Trump loyalist downplays plans of swamp-draining, the president-elect reasserts his plan.
  15. Lobbyist Hater Corey Lewandowski Is Opening a Lobbying FirmDonald Trump’s former campaign manager promises to advance his agenda from outside the White House.
  16. Corey Lewandowski Credits the FBI for Trump WinTrump’s former aide says James Comey’s late-October letter changed the course of the election. Exit polls suggest he may be right.
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    Corey Lewandowski Leaving CNN, May Join Trump White HouseOf course he is.
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    CNN: No, We Haven’t Suspended Corey LewandowskiHe will continue to get paid by a network to talk about a campaign he is also getting paid by.
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    Donald Trump May Have Fired Corey Lewandowski, But He’s Still Taking His AdviceTrump’s advisors and allies are concerned that Lewandowski could play a wild-card role in Cleveland.
  20. Trump’s Former Campaign Manager to Become CNN CommentatorDry your eyes, America — Corey Lewandowski is going to be okay!
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    Nonexistence of Trump Campaign May Be Hindering Trump CampaignAnd in a recent incident, Trump’s personality deficits collided with his campaign’s shortcomings.
  22. campaign coup
    How Paul Manafort Took Over the Trump CampaignHe’s supplanted Corey Lewandowski as the organization’s power center.
  23. today in donald trump
    Trump Campaign Manager’s Battery Charge DroppedTrump personally called the prosecutor’s office and urged them to do “the right thing.”
  24. mistakes were made
    Donald Trump Admits He Makes MistakesAre there finally some cracks in the candidate’s veneer of infallibility?
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    Report: Trump Campaign Reducing the Role of Campaign Manager Corey LewandowskiTrump’s inner circle may be shifting the balance of power.
  26. victim-blamers
    Donald Trump Suggests Reporter Actually Battered Him, Lied About Her BruisesHe mocked her complaint about his campaign manager, saying “she’s not a baby.”
  27. Trump Campaign Manager Arrested for Battering Breitbart ReporterDespite surveillance footage capturing the incident, Donald Trump has rallied to his aide’s defense. 
  28. today in donald trump
    Trump ‘Got’ a Lawyer for His Campaign Manager Charged With Battery “Corey has his own problems. I got him a lawyer.”
  29. early and often
    Trump Campaign Manager Might Sue BuzzFeed“I told McKay Coppins that his story was inaccurate. I told him not to publish.”
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    Report: Trump’s Top Aide, Corey Lewandowski, Drunk-Dials Female ReportersLewandowski is reportedly known for his late-night calls to women in the press corps.
  31. anti-trump protests
    Tucson Trump Rally Marred by ViolenceAnother protester got sucker-punched, and Trump’s campaign manager was filmed getting involved in a separate altercation as well.
  32. Trump’s Campaign Manager Inspired a MutinyAccording to Politico, Corey Lewandowski often bullies and demeans women. How could women’s-health advocate Donald Trump have ever hired him?
  33. Michelle Fields and Ben Shapiro Resign From Donald Trump Fan Site Breitbart.comFields (and several witnesses) allege that Trump’s campaign manager assaulted her. Fields’s former employer didn’t believe her.
  34. breitbart.com
    Turmoil Continues at Breitbart Over Response to Alleged Assault of ReporterMichelle Fields isn’t the only person at the website who’s disappointed with how they’ve responded to her claim that she was assaulted by Donald Trump’s campaign manager.
  35. Breitbart Sides With Trump Campaign Over Its Own Reporter in Assault DisputeDid the GOP front-runner’s campaign manager assault a reporter and then call her delusional for speaking out?
  36. donald trump
    Trump Campaign: Roughed-Up Journo Total WhinerOnly in 2016!