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Coronavirus Antibody Testing

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    6 People on Life After a Positive Coronavirus Antibody TestThere’s still much we don’t know about COVID antibodies and immunity. Six people discuss how testing positive has (and hasn’t) changed their behavior.
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    How Reliable Are COVID-19 Tests?Justin Gilmore was hospitalized and treated for COVID-19. His care team was certain he had it — but he kept testing negative. Why?
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    Everything We Know About Coronavirus Antibody TestsThe tests, which could show some amount of immunity to COVID-19, will be a key part of understanding how much the virus has spread.
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    Why Antibody Tests May Not Be the AnswerExperts including Dr. Anthony Fauci are invoking them as a way to get past social distancing. But there are a lot of questions.
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    ‘We’re Flying Blind’: Why Testing for Coronavirus Antibodies Will MatterInfectious-disease reporter Laurie Garrett shares her thoughts on PPE supply chains, COVID-19 reinfection fears, and the limits of current testing.