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Coronavirus Stimulus

  1. coronavirus stimulus
    GOP Governors End COVID Unemployment Benefits to Make People Go Back to WorkSouth Carolina governor Henry McMaster has opted out of federal payments because they are often “greater than the worker’s previous paychecks.”
  2. housing
    To ‘Build Back Better,’ America Must Build More HousingA historic housing shortage threatens to hamper the post-COVID recovery.
  3. the economy
    The Biden Boom Has BegunJobless claims are falling, factory production is rising, and retail sales are skyrocketing as Biden’s stimulus kicks in.
  4. senate democrats
    Democrats Need to Move Fast and Fix ThingsThe party has a historic opportunity to make permanent, progressive change — but Schumer’s single-vote majority could expire at any moment.
  5. class war
    The Biden Agenda Could Reverse the Democrats’ Losses With Working-Class VotersVoters say Biden’s stimulus helps workers, not the wealthy. If they start saying the same about Biden himself, the GOP could be in trouble.
  6. coronavirus stimulus
    What Is in Biden’s $1.9 Trillion American Rescue Plan?The stimulus signed into law on Thursday includes $1,400 checks for most Americans and $300 federal weekly unemployment benefits through September 6.
  7. politics
    The American Rescue Plan’s Tacit Admission About AmericaWe don’t have to accept child poverty or a racial wealth gap.
  8. covid-19
    The Year of Lost OpportunitiesA better world is still possible. But we’re letting it slip away.
  9. the democratic party
    Biden’s COVID-Relief Bill Is a Big F**king DealThe Democratic Party has internalized the left’s critique of its Obama-era approach to fiscal policy, child welfare, and legislative strategy.
  10. politics
    Senate Passes $1.9 Trillion COVID-Relief Package: Live UpdatesAfter more than 24 hours of delays, the Senate finally passed the American Rescue Plan on Saturday afternoon in a 50-49 vote.
  11. culture war
    The Right Would Rather Debate Kids’ Books Than Biden’s BillsAs Democrats ready a major expansion of Obamacare and child welfare, GOP lawmakers are whining about Dr. Seuss and Mr. Potato Head.
  12. stimulus checks
    Moderate Democrats Strip Stimulus Checks From 12 Million Voters for No ReasonBy narrowing eligibility for COVID relief payments, Senate Democrats will save a negligible amount of money at a high political cost.
  13. the democrats
    Democrats Must Stop the IRS From Eating the Unemployed’s Stimulus ChecksIf Biden doesn’t forgive the taxes on millions of Americans’ unemployment benefits, they might not forgive him for their giant surprise tax bills.
  14. the national interest
    Full Employment Is (Maybe) Possible AgainThe fiscal and monetary constraints that have shackled every Democratic president for more than half a century have broken.
  15. money!
    How to Find Your Missing Stimulus ChecksIf you didn’t get the first or second one, there’s good news: You might still! The bad news is that you’ll have to go through the IRS.
  16. coronavirus stimulus
    The Fed Gives Democrats the Green Light on Large StimulusThe central bank is worried about Congress stimulating the economy too little, not too much.
  17. the national interest
    The Forces That Stopped Obama’s Recovery Will Not Stop Biden’sThe political atmosphere for stimulus is nothing like 2009.
  18. coronavirus stimulus
    The $3,000-Per-Child Benefit Is Gaining MomentumGOP Senator Mitt Romney and House Democrats have each proposed giving American parents and caretakers a previously impossible amount of direct aid.
  19. coronavirus stimulus
    New Jobs Report Bolsters Case for Biden’s StimulusWith 10 million Americans out of work and millions more underemployed, Democrats are right to err on the side of too much relief.
  20. mitt romney
    Mitt Romney Wants to Give Your Baby $62,600The Utah senator’s proposal marks the end of the anti-welfare era in American politics.
  21. stimulus checks
    To Make Stimulus Checks Better Targeted, Give Them to EveryoneThen take them back from affluent households at tax time.
  22. coronavirus stimulus
    On COVID Relief, Dems Should Go Small Then Go It AloneDare Republicans to oppose a clean “vaccines and checks” law, then roll everything else into a reconciliation bill they can pass on a party-line vote.
  23. end-times
    How BidenWorld Is Scrambling to Prepare for January 21His much-needed recovery agenda will have to weave its way through a Washington that is about to be increasingly distracted by Trump’s re-impeachment.
  24. coronavirus stimulus
    Will We Get a Second Round of COVID-19 Stimulus Checks?The second stimulus bill signed by Trump on Sunday includes $600 checks for Americans eligible for the $1,200 payments in the CARES Act.
  25. georgia senate runoffs
    The GOP Just Let Democrats Have Their Stimulus and Campaign On It TooThanks to Trump’s $2,000 check demand, Democrats were able to secure economic relief while retaining it as an issue in the Georgia runoffs.
  26. stimulus checks
    $2,000 Stimulus Checks Are Poorly Targeted and That’s FineThis isn’t the best way to spend $460 billion more on relief. But it’s the only way of doing it that Donald Trump supports.
  27. covid-19
    All the U.S. Officials Who Have Received the COVID-19 VaccineKamala Harris is the latest public official to get vaccinated. She joins several GOP lawmakers who got the shot after downplaying the pandemic.
  28. coronavirus stimulus
    Trump Signs Second Stimulus Bill Only After Unemployment Aid ExpiresThe president gained nothing from delaying, but some 14 million Americans saw their federal unemployment benefits lapse.
  29. coronavirus stimulus
    Trump May Have Accidentally Been a Transformational PresidentBy presiding over high deficits and low inflation, Trump may have ushered in the most profound shift in America’s fiscal-policy paradigm since Reagan.
  30. coronavirus stimulus
    Trump Keeps Golfing As Jobless COVID Aid Expires, Shutdown NearsThe president’s refusal to sign the bipartisan omnibus spending bill, which includes $900 billion in COVID relief, is already having consequences.
  31. coronavirus stimulus
    What Happens If Trump Won’t Sign the Stimulus Bill?If Trump follows through on his vague threat, he could cause a government shutdown and keep COVID aid from millions of Americans. Here’s the timeline.
  32. the national interest
    The Right and the Left Are Teaming Up to Lie About the Stimulus BillThe first true populist fight of the Trump era has finally arrived.
  33. coronavirus stimulus
    7 Surprisingly Good Policies Buried in the Stimulus-Omnibus BillWhile no one was watching, Congress quietly took action to curb surprise medical bills, money laundering, and climate change.
  34. coronavirus stimulus
    Trump Threatens to Scuttle Second COVID Stimulus PackageAfter weeks of ignoring the stimulus proceedings, Trump has weighed in at an extremely unhelpful time with a major revision to the bill.
  35. coronavirus stimulus
    What Is in the $900 Billion Second Stimulus Package?Congress has now passed the second stimulus bill, which includes $300 weekly unemployment benefits and $600 direct checks.
  36. stimulus checks
    COVID Stimulus Checks to Come at the Unemployed’s ExpenseCongress is poised to take benefits from the jobless to give checks to virtually all households. Is that a progressive trade?
  37. coronavirus stimulus
    Congress Close to a Deal on Second Stimulus Package: What We KnowWith time running out, the two parties appear near a compromise attached to a stopgap spending bill.
  38. coronavirus stimulus
    A Major Obstacle to COVID Stimulus Just FellBipartisan negotiators have split the package’s two most divisive provisions from the rest of the bill.
  39. politics
    Why Is Mitch McConnell So Obsessed With Liability Shields?It’s one of the main reasons he’s holding up a second stimulus package to fight the pandemic.
  40. the economy
    GOP Admits That Handing Out Free Money Creates Jobs“By sending out checks, we’re putting money into the economy for people,” Steve Mnuchin said Wednesday, “which will have the impact of creating jobs.”
  41. coronavirus stimulus
    Josh Hawley and Bernie Sanders Demand Second Round of $1,200 Stimulus ChecksA rare alliance emerges in the fight for a second stimulus package.
  42. coronavirus stimulus
    The GOP Is Fighting to Block Red-State BailoutsSix of the seven states that are suffering the biggest revenue losses from COVID voted for Trump. Republicans are trying to block fiscal aid anyway.
  43. just asking questions
    How Rapid Antigen Tests Could (In Theory) Quash the Pandemic Within Weeks“We have this academic precision, and it’s really screwing us up in terms of being able to act with the urgency we need,” says Harvard’s Michael Mina.
  44. the economy
    The November Jobs Report Is a DisasterThe U.S. economy added about half as many jobs as expected last month, while permanent layoffs rose and the labor force shrunk.
  45. coronavirus stimulus
    Senate Support Grows for Bipartisan Stimulus BillOne day after Pelosi and Schumer endorsed the framework, several more Republicans expressed grudging support for a deal like it.
  46. coronavirus stimulus
    Democrats Should (Probably) Take the New Bipartisan Stimulus DealAmerica’s vulnerable can’t wait two more months for relief. And $908 billion in stimulus today doesn’t rule out more tomorrow.
  47. coronavirus stimulus
    Democrats Should Seek Quick Stimulus CompromiseAmerica’s vulnerable can’t wait two more months for relief. And half measures today don’t rule out further stimulus tomorrow.
  48. lame-duck session
    Lame-Duck Session Begins With Low ExpectationsLeadership elections should confirm the status quo, and there will likely be another stopgap spending bill with limited COVID-19 stimulus.
  49. stimulus legislation
    A Nightmare COVID Winter Could Force a GOP Awakening on StimulusBlocking relief when the economy was rebounding was one thing. Doing it through a long winter of packed hospitals and closed stores may be another.
  50. coronavirus stimulus
    Does Biden’s Election Help or Hurt Prospects for a Stimulus Deal?It’s unlikely anything will happen before the two Georgia runoffs determine Senate control, unless everything goes haywire.
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