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  1. just asking questions
    Bill Gates on the Pandemic: ‘You Hope It Doesn’t Stretch Past 2022.’The philanthropist shares his thoughts about COVID-19 vaccines, America’s failures, and when we can expect real global relief.
  2. coronavirus
    Everything We Do and Don’t Know About New York’s Reopening PlanGyms in New York may open at 33 percent capacity on August 24, though localities can delay the opening by a week to prepare.
  3. coronavirus
    Trump’s Disregard for Blue States Is at the Heart of His Shoddy COVID ResponseIn April, the White House reportedly abandoned a federal plan for mass COVID testing because the outbreak was occurring mostly in Democratic states.
  4. coronavirus
    Coronavirus Hot Spot States by the NumbersA rundown of states — like Arizona, Florida, and Texas — facing alarming summer outbreaks, including closures, caseloads, and hospitalizations.
  5. vision 2020
    Trump Is Seeking Reelection on a Pro-Coronavirus PlatformThe president is discouraging mask use, cutting funding for testing, and traveling the country to convene potential superspreader events.
  6. coronavirus
    America Is Done With the Coronavirus, But It Isn’t Done With UsAs the U.S. faces a record day of new coronavirus cases, the Trump administration stands behind its decision to cut federally funded testing sites.
  7. the national interest
    ‘I Don’t Kid’; Trump Confirms He Ordered Coronavirus Testing SlowdownTrump’s staff called his astonishing confession a “joke.”
  8. coronavirus testing
    6 People on Life After a Positive Coronavirus Antibody TestThere’s still much we don’t know about COVID antibodies and immunity. Six people discuss how testing positive has (and hasn’t) changed their behavior.
  9. coronavirus testing
    How Reliable Are COVID-19 Tests?Justin Gilmore was hospitalized and treated for COVID-19. His care team was certain he had it — but he kept testing negative. Why?
  10. the media
    Watch: Testy CNBC Anchors Clash Over Coronavirus Death Toll“100,000 people died, Joe, and all you did was try to help your friend, the president.”
  11. coronavirus testing
    Coronavirus Test Used in White House May Have Faulty Rate As High As 48 PercentAn NYU study showed, before peer review, that the Abbott ID NOW test used in the White House may have a false-negative rate of 33 to 48 percent.
  12. coronavirus
    White House Coronavirus Outbreak Undercuts Trump’s Safe Reopening MessageTrump claimed he had “met the moment” for safe testing levels for a reopening, as the White House issued new restrictions to dampen its own outbreak.
  13. coronavirus
    Trump to Boost Confidence in Handling Second Wave As First Still Rages: ReportAs an outbreak emerges in the White House, the administration will reportedly announce its confidence in handling a second coronavirus wave.
  14. coronavirus
    Everything We Know About Coronavirus Antibody TestsThe tests, which could show some amount of immunity to COVID-19, will be a key part of understanding how much the virus has spread.
  15. coronavirus testing
    How a Saliva-Based Test Could Transform Coronavirus DiagnosesSaliva tests available in New Jersey are less intrusive than the more common swab procedures, and could help expand testing across the country.
  16. the national interest
    Trump Caught in Another Huge Lie About Coronavirus TestsPresident promises we’ll soon do 5 million a day; his testing chief calls that absurd.
  17. expert explainer
    Expert Explainer: Remdesivir, Vaccine Odds, and NYC Herd Immunity“The thing I’m really holding out for is a whole other class of drugs,” says Dr. Nahid Bhadelia of Boston University.
  18. coronavirus stimulus
    Congress Passes Interim Coronavirus Stimulus Bill for Trump’s SignatureThe measure, which focuses on renewed funds for the small-business Paycheck Protection Program, may be the last bipartisan relief measure for a while.
  19. buyer’s market
    Only You Can Reopen the EconomyEven a state that loosens the lockdown will remain mostly frozen if consumers are reluctant to participate in the economy.
  20. coronavirus
    Congress, White House Reach Deal On New Coronavirus Relief BillThe deal, to be followed by a broader bill, replenishes depleted loan fund for small busiensses and provides new aid for hospitals and testing.
  21. coronavirus
    Georgia Risks Second Coronavirus Wave With Sudden Reopening of BusinessesThe state’s “politically incorrect conservative” governor jumps to the head of the pack in ending lockdowns before testing capacity is in place.
  22. coronavirus
    Flying Blind Without Testing, GOP Governors Reopen Businesses in the SouthBusinesses in Georgia, Tennessee, and South Carolina will soon reopen, though the impact on the virus’s spread can’t be known without proper testing.
  23. coronavirus
    Trump Administration Still Isn’t Prioritizing Coronavirus TestingFederal funding for coronavirus testing sites ends on Friday, even though Trump is aware expanded testing is a prerequisite for reopening the economy.
  24. coronavirus
    Getting a Coronavirus Test Is Like ‘Being Stabbed in the Brain’Some patients have shared videos of taking the COVID-19 test, which requires a nasal swab and looks no fun at all.
  25. the top line
    Part of the Coronavirus Conventional Wisdom Has Become Too PessimisticThe country is shutting now. But more testing should, in time, allow for more normal living.
  26. coronavirus
    Trump Says Coronavirus Testing Is As ‘Perfect’ As His Ukraine CallAfter a tour of the CDC, the president wanted Americans to know he’s definitely done nothing wrong.
  27. coronavirus
    Why Hasn’t the U.S. Done More Coronavirus Tests?As coronavirus cases surge abroad, there has been an alarming lack of testing for the virus in the U.S. and too little transparency from the CDC.