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  1. the national interest
    Democrats Learned From Their COVID Errors. Republicans Didn’t.Democrats on school closing, Republicans on vaccines: a case study.
  2. booster shots
    FDA Approves Pfizer Boosters for Seniors and Those at High RiskBoosters will be made available for those over 65, health-care workers, teachers, and others who already received two doses of the Pfizer vaccine.
  3. delta variant
    Vaccine Mandates Finally Have Some MomentumNYC, California, and the VA announced policies to compel unvaccinated employees to get the shot. Biden is reportedly considering a similar mandate.
  4. covid-19
    Biden: Facebook Is ‘Killing People’ With Vaccine MisinformationWhile the White House works to pressure Facebook and other platforms to fight vaccine misinformation, the president blamed them for new COVID deaths.
  5. coronavirus vaccine
    Pfizer to Seek Approval for a Third COVID ShotThe firm will apply in August for emergency authorization for a coronavirus booster shot in an effort to protect patients against the Delta variant.
  6. coronavirus vaccine
    U.S. to Buy 500 Million Pfizer Doses to Donate AbroadThe shots are a big improvement on the White House’s global effort but far from the estimated 11 billion doses needed worldwide to end the pandemic.
  7. politics
    The Vaccine Hesitant on Why They Finally Got the ShotIt’s not about science, it’s about trust.
  8. coronavirus vaccine
    CDC Advisory Panel Clears Pfizer Shot for 12-to-15-Year-OldsOnce the CDC director grants her approval, doses can be administered to adolescents anywhere they are given to adults.
  9. coronavirus vaccine
    FDA Authorizes Use of Pfizer Vaccine for Children 12 to 15The shot now heads to the CDC, which will determine as early as Wednesday if it can be administered in this age range.
  10. coronavirus vaccine
    New York City Jabs 1,100 on First Day of Pilot Program in Subway, Train StationsAnyone who gets a vaccination will get either a seven-day MetroCard or tickets for the LIRR or Metro-North.
  11. coronavirus vaccine
    U.S. Supports WTO Plan to Lift Vaccine Patent ProtectionsThe Biden administration will now encourage other countries to agree to a WTO measure waiving IP protections for the vaccines.
  12. coronavirus vaccine
    How to Sign Up for a COVID Vaccine in New YorkAll state-run and city-run vaccination sites are now accepting walk-ins for anyone over 16 years old.
  13. coronavirus vaccine
    U.S. to Ship Entire Stock of AstraZeneca Shots Throughout the WorldThe decision to share 60 million doses is the biggest step yet in U.S. participation to vaccinate beyond its borders.
  14. johnson & johnson
    Fauci: Johnson & Johnson Shot Could Return on Friday With Warning LabelThe public-health official anticipated that the single-dose vaccine would return with either a warning or a restriction on what ages could receive it.
  15. covid-19
    What We Know About the Johnson & Johnson Pause and Vaccine HesitancyEurope faced a similar problem over a shot and clots.
  16. vaccination
    What to Know About the Johnson & Johnson Vaccine PauseThe FDA and CDC recommended a temporary pause in use of the vaccine while they probe several cases of recipients experiencing severe blood clots.
  17. coronavirus
    Biden Administration Is Weighing Vaccine Passport RolloutThe federal government is reportedly working on setting the standard for the historically complex and ethically fraught effort.
  18. covid-19
    9 Reasons to Believe the Worst of the Pandemic Is OverThe good news is really starting to roll in. (Though there are also a few reasons for caution.)
  19. coronavirus vaccine
    The Emerging Crisis of the Vaccine Racial GapBlack and Latino Americans have not received doses consistent with their share of the population, according to states reporting vaccine demographics.
  20. coronavirus vaccine
    The Fyre Festival of Vaccine RolloutsThe city of Philadelphia trusted a group run by a 22-year-old to vaccinate thousands, a venture that reportedly did not end well.
  21. coronavirus
    What We Know About the New P.1 Strain of the CoronavirusThe new variant, detected amid a horrifying resurgence of COVID cases in Manaus, Brazil, has alarmed scientists around the world.
  22. coronavirus vaccine
    Biden to Release Nearly All Available COVID-19 Vaccine DosesIn a major break from current policy, Biden will stop holding back second doses “to ensure the Americans who need it most get it as soon as possible.”
  23. coronavirus vaccine
    Biden Condemns Trump for ‘Falling Short’ on Vaccine RolloutThe U.S. is around a tenth of the way toward its vaccination goal for the end of December.
  24. liveblog
    Pfizer, Trump Administration Reach Deal for More Doses: Live UpdatesThere will now be enough vaccine for at least 200 million Americans by the end of July.
  25. covid-19
    States Are Already Reporting Vaccine Delays and CutbacksAt least 12 states have described problems with distribution compared to what was promised by the federal government.
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    Pharmacists May Have Figured Out How to Get More Vaccine With One Simple TrickVials contain more vaccine than expected, pharmacists have told the FDA — enough to potentially increase the Pfizer stockpile by up to 40 percent.
  27. coronavirus vaccine
    White House Staffers Among the First to Receive COVID-19 Vaccine: ReportAs a reward for a months-long coronavirus disinformation campaign, top Trump staffers will be some of the first to receive doses of the vaccine.
  28. coronavirus vaccine
    CDC Director: COVID Vaccine May Be Ready for Nursing-Home Residents in DecemberRobert Redfield said a vaccine may be distributed to nursing-home residents, then health-care providers, as early as mid-December.
  29. coronavirus vaccine
    Biden Blocked From Warp Speed Briefings on Vaccine Distribution: ReportAs Trump advisers refuse to brief the Biden transition about vaccine distribution, the president-elect’s team fears playing catch-up on day one.
  30. covid-19
    What If They Make a Coronavirus Vaccine and Nobody Takes It?There are already clear signs that the public is suspicious about corners being cut.
  31. coronavirus
    CDC Advises States to Prepare to Distribute COVID-19 Vaccine As Soon As NovemberThe agency advised states to consider the immense challenge of distribution, as some public-health experts worry that Trump is rushing the process.
  32. coronavirus vaccine
    Russia Says Coronavirus Vaccine Is Ready, Thorough Clinical Trials Be DamnedIf it’s good enough for Putin’s daughter, maybe it’s good enough for you.
  33. president trump
    Trump to Promote COVID Vaccine in Election Messaging Pivot: ReportThere’s a major concern with the plan: A vaccine won’t be available until spring 2021 at the very earliest.
  34. coronavirus
    Trial Shows ‘Robust Immune Response’ From Oxford Coronavirus VaccineThe vaccine was called a “major breakthrough” by the British Department of Health and Social Care.
  35. coronavirus
    Promising Early Stage Vaccine Trial Sends Stocks SoaringEight healthy patients who received the vaccine developed antibodies at levels similar to those who’ve recovered from COVID-19.
  36. coronavirus
    The FDA Has Approved a Coronavirus Vaccine for Phase Two TrialThe company says it could start phase three this summer and bring a vaccine to market by early 2021.
  37. coronavirus
    We Might Never Get a Good Coronavirus VaccineThere’s never been a vaccine for a member of this family of viruses, and even if one is found for COVID-19, it may be imperfect — like the flu shot.
  38. coronavirus
    Johnson & Johnson: COVID-19 Vaccine Could Be Ready Early Next YearThe pharmaceutical giant plans to start human trials by September.