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    What We Know About the Dangerous COVID B.1.617.2 Delta VariantThe more transmissible strain, originally discovered in India, has now spread to more than 60 countries. It could soon become dominant in the U.S.
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    Johnson & Johnson Must Toss 60 Million Vaccine Doses Made at Troubled PlantOnly ten million J&J doses produced by Emergent BioSolutions’ Baltimore facility have been cleared for use.
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    Jon Rahm’s COVID Disaster Is a Great Vaccine PSASome athletes are still inoculation reluctant. Maybe watching a golfer lose more than a million dollars will help.
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    The U.S. Will Begin Vaccinating the Rest of the WorldAfter waiting months, the Biden administration says it will ship 80 million doses to countries in need.
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    Is the Second Shot Giving Young Men a Dangerous Heart Condition?New data from Israel suggests a link between myocarditis and Pfizer’s vaccine, but the CDC isn’t there yet.
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    What It Feels Like to Be an ‘Adverse Event’Is my heart problem because of the vaccine? Am I crazy for thinking that?
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    New Survey Finds Republicans More Eager to Get VaccinatedEnthusiasm has plateaued, but there are positive developments in the rush to inoculate the country, according to the Kaiser Family Foundation.
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    The Families Torn Apart By Vaccine PoliticsTheir loved ones turned anti-vaxx. Then everyone turned on each other.
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    The Pandemic’s Lethal TwilightCOVID isn’t done with us. The decisions we make now will have life-and-death consequences for millions.
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    European Union Says Vaccinated Americans Can Visit This SummerThere is no timeline yet for U.S. tourism in the E.U., though the announcement marks the beginning of a de facto vaccine passport abroad.
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    Millions of Americans Are Skipping Their Second ShotAlmost 8 percent of those who got their first dose of the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines did not get the second, which provides crucial protection.
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    U.S. Resumes Use of Johnson & Johnson COVID VaccineThe FDA and CDC have lifted their pause of the one-shot vaccine after an extensive safety review regarding a very rare blood clot risk.
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    Shots in Little Arms: When Can Kids Get the Vaccine?All adults are finally eligible, but that’s not enough, according to experts.
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    The People Who Plan on Wearing Masks ForeverFor a select few, covering up has become a way of life. What is the cost?
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    A Former FDA Chief on What It’s Like to Pause a VaccineDr. Margaret Hamburg, the former head of the FDA, on the controversial decision to stop giving out the Johnson & Johnson shot.
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    How Soon Does the COVID Vaccine Work?Digging into the data, it’s not quite accurate to say two weeks.
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    CDC Director Warns of ‘Impending Doom’ With Rising CasesNew infections, hospitalizations, and even deaths are increasing again.
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    AstraZeneca Shot Appears to Slow COVID TransmissionYet more terrific news on the vaccine front.