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  1. covid-19
    FDA Set to Authorize Pfizer COVID Vaccine for Adolescents: ReportKids aged 12-15 could be able to start getting the shot next week.
  2. covid-19
    America’s Most Populous County Reports Zero COVID DeathsA major measure of progress for California and the U.S.
  3. india
    India Sees 400,000 New Cases in a Day: COVID-Crisis UpdatesThere’s still no end in sight.
  4. coronavirus
    First Dispatch of U.S. COVID-19 Aid to India to Land TodayThe U.S. is sending more than $100 million worth of supplies to India as the nation struggles with unprecedented rates of COVID infections and deaths.
  5. the national interest
    COVID Is Going Away, and It’s Making Some Trump Fans CrazyThe war on vaccines and masks must continue!
  6. coronavirus
    Poll: Few Unvaccinated Americans Willing to Take J&J ShotThe pause over rare blood clots apparently crushed confidence in the shot.
  7. coronavirus
    European Union Says Vaccinated Americans Can Visit This SummerThere is no timeline yet for U.S. tourism in the E.U., though the announcement marks the beginning of a de facto vaccine passport abroad.
  8. coronavirus
    U.S. to Send Vaccine Materials to India Amid Unprecedented COVID SurgeThe Biden administration has suspended its rule to not share the vaccine, as India reports hundreds of thousands of new cases each day.
  9. poll roundup
    Biden Has Modest Approval From Americans Ahead of 100-Day MarkBut his pandemic response enjoys solid popularity, and the public appears to like the post-Trump return to presidential normalcy.
  10. covid-19
    U.S. Resumes Use of Johnson & Johnson COVID VaccineThe FDA and CDC have lifted their pause of the one-shot vaccine after an extensive safety review regarding a very rare blood clot risk.
  11. coronavirus
    CDC Finds 9 More Cases of Blood Clots After J&J ShotA federal panel reviews the Johnson & Johnson vaccine pause over rare clots.
  12. roundup
    All U.S. Adults Can Get the COVID Vaccine. Now What?The country’s vaccine rollout has hit a major milestone, but expanding access and increasing demand in the next phase won’t be easy.
  13. covid-19
    How Far Along Is New York City in Its Reopening This Spring?Museums can return to 50 percent capacity and movie theaters can return to 33 percent capacity on April 26.
  14. side effects
    Why the Second COVID Shot Makes You MiserableUnpleasant side effects are in part a consequence of lightning-quick vaccine development.
  15. coronavirus
    Israel Drops COVID Rule Requiring Masks OutdoorsIt’s a milestone for one of the nations to roll out the vaccine the fastest, though vaccination rates in Palestine lag significantly.
  16. covid vaccines
    How Experts Are Reacting to the Johnson & Johnson Vaccine PauseMost stressed that federal regulators were right to be cautious despite the long odds of serious side effects.
  17. vaccination
    What to Know About the Johnson & Johnson Vaccine PauseThe FDA and CDC recommended a temporary pause in use of the vaccine while they probe several cases of recipients experiencing severe blood clots.
  18. politics
    Supreme Court Again Sides With Worshippers Over Public-Health OrdersThe Court’s conservative majority ruled that California’s pandemic restrictions on at-home gatherings could not apply to religious activity.
  19. vaccines
    The J&J Vaccine Supply Is About to PlummetIf you’re hoping to find an appointment for a one-and-done COVID vaccine in the next few days, your chances are about to get considerably worse.
  20. covid-19
    How Long Are You Immune After the COVID Vaccine?What we know and don’t know about the shots, which remain in their relative infancy.
  21. covid vaccines
    J&J Takes Over Plant Where Contractor Error Led to Loss of 15M Vaccine DosesNew reports detail past batches of discarded vaccines and doubts that Johnson & Johnson can correct the course at the plant in Baltimore.
  22. covid-19
    The Story of One DoseInside the sprawling operational puzzle of bringing the Johnson & Johnson COVID vaccine to the public.
  23. covid-19
    Why Are COVID Cases Going Up in New York City?As the city continues to reopen and vaccination rates climb, coronavirus cases are ticking up after plateauing for more than a month.
  24. coronavirus
    Judge Rules That New York Must Vaccinate Prisoners ImmediatelyA state supreme court judge described the decision to leave inmates out of the public-health campaign as an “abuse of discretion.”
  25. coronavirus
    Your COVID Shot Could Come From the NYPDAs part of the race to distribute millions of shots, the NYPD is running a vaccination site in East New York. Could it increase vaccine hesitancy?
  26. reopening
    Who Is Really Dining Indoors in New York City?“At some point, we’re gonna have to take that step.”
  27. coronavirus
    Biden Administration Is Weighing Vaccine Passport RolloutThe federal government is reportedly working on setting the standard for the historically complex and ethically fraught effort.
  28. coronavirus
    More States Open Vaccinations to All AdultsAt last week’s rate of 2.5 million shots per day, the U.S. would break past Biden’s goal of 200 million vaccinations just before his 100th day.
  29. coronavirus news
    AstraZeneca Says COVID-19 Vaccine Is 76 Percent Effective in Revised DataNew analysis shows a slight dip in the shot’s efficacy against symptomatic COVID, after U.S. officials said the company had used outdated data.
  30. andrew cuomo
    Cuomo Granted His Family Special Access to COVID Testing Last March: ReportAs New Yorkers scrambled to get COVID tests in the early pandemic, Cuomo reportedly secured priority testing for his brother and other VIPs.
  31. coronavirus news
    E.U. Plans to Slash Vaccine Exports for 6 WeeksThe European Union has proposed new rules to boost vaccine supply at home, which would cut exports to the U.K. and other countries.
  32. coronavirus
    Everything We Know About the Coronavirus Variant Spreading in New York CityVariants are now making up over 60 percent of new cases in the city, as the first case of the Brazilian strain has been detected in New York.
  33. the national interest
    Just Reopen the Schools NowSix feet of distance between desks is bunk. Learning loss is real. End this disaster.
  34. games
    Sports Are About to Look Like 2019 AgainThe Texas Rangers and Wrestlemania are paving the way for crowded stadiums and arenas to become the norm within weeks.
  35. coronavirus
    The CDC Is Reckoning With Its Damage Under TrumpA new CDC review confirms previous reports detailing how Trump’s political appointees overruled public-health experts throughout the pandemic.
  36. andrew cuomo
    Cuomo’s Vaccine Czar Called County Officials to Gauge Their LoyaltyFormer Cuomo aide Larry Schwartz, who coordinates the state’s COVID response and vaccination efforts, is now facing at least one ethics complaint.
  37. intelligencer chats
    Why Joe Biden’s Speech WorkedThe consoler-in-chief played to his strengths as he offered a path out of the pandemic.
  38. the national interest
    Conservatives Are Furious Biden Delivered a Non-Insane Presidential SpeechToo threatening, too skinny, too pro-vaccine, complains the right.
  39. intelligencer chats
    Maybe the Variants Aren’t So Scary After AllAssessing the risk of another major COVID wave as optimism begins to rule the day.
  40. let’s get together
    Go Hug a Vaccinated Person Right NowThe social distance of the pandemic, for the vaccinated and their friends and family, can finally start to end. Just ask the CDC.
  41. public health
    Fully Vaccinated People Can Gather Unmasked, CDC SaysThe federal agency says fully vaccinated people can indulge in perks like spending time unmasked with low-risk or other vaccinated individuals.
  42. coronavirus
    Can Businesses Require Masks After States Lift Their Mandates?The end of most pandemic restrictions in Texas and Mississippi predict the challenges all states will face as reopening occurs this year.
  43. covid-19
    Johnson & Johnson Will Run COVID Vaccine Trials on InfantsBut neither it nor any other COVID vaccine will likely be available to U.S. children until at least the fall.
  44. coronavirus
    I Was a COVID-Vaccine-Site BouncerThe city tried to build a COVID volunteer corps. The system wasn’t prepared for the demand.
  45. covid-19
    9 Reasons to Believe the Worst of the Pandemic Is OverThe good news is really starting to roll in. (Though there are also a few reasons for caution.)
  46. games
    It Already Feels Like the Post-COVID Era in SportsA shockingly ordinary baseball spring training presages a return to normalcy — or close to it.
  47. coronavirus
    U.S. Surpasses 500,000 COVID DeathsThe grim milestone comes roughly one year after the first coronavirus death in the United States.
  48. coronavirus
    AOC Calls for ‘Full Investigation’ of Cuomo Nursing Home ScandalThe governor, who is facing growing bipartisan criticism, insisted on Friday that allegations that he covered up nursing home deaths are “lies.”
  49. covid-19
    Cuomo Denies Alleged Cover-up in Crisis Surrounding Nursing-Home DeathsThe governor did not directly apologize on Monday, but said it was a mistake to create a “void” of information surrounding the deaths.
  50. covid-19
    MTA to Reduce Subway Closure Hours Beginning February 22As of next week, the subway will run for 22 hours a day, with no service from 2 a.m. to 4 a.m.
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