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Corporate Taxes

  1. How the Trump Tax Bill Will Affect YouIt’s all pretty complicated, and it’s coming fast.
  2. Trump Tax Bill Hammers New York and CaliforniaOther than hitting the bicoastal upper-middle-class folk, the House GOP tax writers picked their fights carefully.
  3. Republicans Consider Cosmetic Slap at Millionaires in Their Tax-Cut PlanBut even if the top tax rate doesn’t fall, the wealthy will benefit from other parts of the bill.
  4. The GOP’s Corporate Tax Reform Would Raise Taxes on Poor PeopleRepublicans are selling the border-adjustment tax as “responsible nationalism.” But it would cut taxes on corporations, and raise them on the poor.
  5. So Much for ‘Don’t Be Evil’: Google Moved 11 Billion Euros to Tax-Free BermudaIt’s sunny there.
  6. Openly Royalist Burger Chain Becomes Canadian CitizenBurger King is merging with Tim Hortons in the latest controversial corporate “tax inversion.”