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  1. rikers
    Dispatch From Deadly Rikers Island: “It Looks Like a Slave Ship in There.”Detainees, correction officers and officials talk about the jail’s new state of emergency.
  2. Correction: Sean Spicer Was ‘Among’ the Bushes, Not Hiding ‘in’ ThemOne of the great newspaper corrections of the Trump era.
  3. corrections
    One Person — Sorry, 63 People Were Stuck Atop the Washington MonumentOnly off by 62.
  4. corrections
    NBC News’ Engel Misidentified Syrian KidnappersHe says his captors put on an “elaborate ruse” to convince them they were pro-Assad militants.
  5. corrections
    AP Sorry for Confusing Alleged Murderer of People With Alleged Murderer of Ears“The Associated Press reported erroneously that Robert Durst is a member of a band.”
  6. corrections
    The New York Times Makes Up Its Own CountryKyrzbekistan: not a real place!
  7. the gray lady
    New York Times Issues Correction 161 Years LaterIt got Solomon Northup’s name wrong in 1853.
  8. dear leader
    Actually, Kim Jong-un Probably Didn’t Kill His Executed Uncle With Wild DogsPhew.
  9. corrections
    Bloomberg’s Gun Group Is Sorry for Calling Tsarnaev a ‘Victim’ of Gun ViolenceThey say it was a “mistake.”
  10. ink-stained wretches
    The New York Times Assures Readers That the Year Is Not 2913In a correction to its corrections page.
  11. ink-stained wretches
    The Times Got a Few Things Wrong in Its Gore Vidal ObitCrypto-Nazi, not crypto-fascist. Get it right!
  12. delayed justice
    $2 Million Settlement for Mother of Slain Rikers Island Inmate18-year-old Christopher Robinson died in 2008 following an attack by a guard-operated gang.
  13. corrections
    Typos: Not Always a Sign of CarelessnessSometimes they just happen!
  14. corrections
    Update: Child Who Got Peed On in Plane Never Got Peed onThere was pee, though.
  15. corrections
    Correction: Rich Guys Do Not Actually Give Women More OrgasmsIt’s just that rich guys date the kind of women who have more orgasms.
  16. corrections
    Taxi Scheme May Have Been Greatly Exaggerated“We have been vindicated,” New York Taxi Workers Alliance director says.
  17. ink-stained wretches
    Goldman Sachs Is ‘Embattled,’ Not ‘Ailing’The ‘Times’ regrets its choice of words.
  18. in other news
    Alpha Naomi Wolf Takes on Beta ‘Sunday Styles’We’d understand if you couldn’t get past the front page of yesterday’s “Sunday Styles” section —between the interminable, several-years- late, and frankly pretty specious exposé on the art and science of emoticons (there’s an emoticon for Ronald Reagan? Really? When would you use that?) and the fawning and also several-years-late profile of Perez Hilton, who’s even more objectionable than his namesake, it was tough going. But if you didn’t make it to page two, you missed this delightful correction: An article last Sunday about politicians’ choice of clothing while campaigning referred incorrectly to the role of Naomi Wolf in Al Gore’s 2000 presidential campaign. She was a consultant on women’s issue and youth outreach to young voters; she was not Mr. Gore’s image consultant and was not involved in his decision to wear earth-toned clothing. Funny, you know what doesn’t have a correction? For starters, any number of Maureen Dowd columns over the years referring to Wolf as Gore’s earth-toner. And also this: the initial 1999 Time-magazine article uncovering Wolf’s role with the Gore campaign — in which one campaign official described her as a “wardrobe consultant.” Campaign Chic: Not Too Cool, Never Ever Hot [NYT]
  19. the follow-up
    Last Week in Minor MisunderstandingsIn this installment of our remarkably lax-on-ourselves annotated errata, we’re not quite apologizing for a Nader flub, a Central Park slight, and another Brooklyn border gerrymander. But we do find it necessary to clarify a few things.
  20. the follow-up
    The Last Week in Minor MisunderstandingsWe wouldn’t go so far as to say we’ve been wrong. But, by the same token, there have been a few times in the last seven days we weren’t entirely right. How so? Well, we’ve got a Brooklyn border dispute, a misreading of what we’d call a confusingly written article, and a perhaps overbroad — but, still, we’ll insist, substantively correct — critique of some recent media criticism. We’ll explain after the jump.
  21. early and often
    ‘Esquire’ Endorses, Reconsiders If you’re anything like us, you take all your political advice from men’s lifestyle magazines. So naturally you were as pleased as we were to discover that the November Esquire offers election endorsements for every race in the country. This is no easy task for a long-lead monthly, which runs the risk that campaigns can dramatically rise or fall between when the issue closes and when it arrives on newsstands. Early and Often notes that Esquire fell into just that trap — but saved itself thanks to the wonders of the Internet. What happened? Over to you, E&O. Endorsements and Takebacks [Early and Often]