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  1. Only Racism Can Explain America’s Counterterrorism PoliciesThe hypothetical threat of migrant terrorists justifies mass deportation. The actual threat of white nationalist militias requires no policy response.
  2. trump administration
    Reports: Sebastian Gorka to Leave White HouseIt looks like Gorka, who has been linked to anti-Semitic groups, will soon have to wage his “war of ideas” someplace else.
  3. Sebastian Gorka Disagrees With His Own Government’s Terrorism StatisticsA Fox News appearance offers a glimpse at an important fracture in the White House that could have serious consequences for the nation.
  4. counter-terrorism
    DHS Will Test Bioterror Airflow in NYC SubwayNontoxic gases and particles will be released throughout the system this week in order to simulate a terrorist attack using a chemical or biological agent.
  5. A Slashing, a Stabbing, and a Man on Fire in Astoria Crime SpreeTwo officers are in the hospital after being splashed with an unknown chemical. 
  6. Schumer and White House Exchanging WordsChuck Schumer, joined by de Blasio and Bratton, gets shirty about DHS funding.
  7. NYPD Gets Civilian Oversight to Ensure No SpyingNow a Muslim actually has to do something wrong to be investigated. 
  8. isis
    Report: ISIS Has Recruited as Many as 30,000 Foreigners in the Past YearA new U.S. intelligence assessment says international efforts to stem the tide have mostly failed.
  9. counter-terrorism
    Is the Global War on Terror Coming Back After All?In a reversal, the FBI director says that regional terrorist networks may be an even greater global threat than al Qaeda itself.
  10. crimes and misdemeanors
    The NYPD Can Pull Over Radioactive CitizensWho knew?
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    Authorities: Al Qaeda May Use ‘Body Bombs’ on U.S.-bound PlanesAs in, inside the bodies of terrorists.
  12. osama bin killed
    Obama’s National-Security Adviser: Woman Being Used As a Shield Presumed to Be Bin Laden’s WifeIt’s “inconceivable” that bin Laden didn’t have help from within Pakistan.
  13. revolt like an egyptian
    Intelligence Agencies Want to Use Google Trends to Track the Next Revolution“Google Trends allows us to get a sense of atmospherics.”