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  1. court appearances
    Trump Finally Had a Good Day in CourtThe Supreme Court steps into the presidential election and not for the last time.
  2. what we know
    Everything to Know About Jennifer Crumbley’s Manslaughter ConvictionThe Michigan mom was convicted of involuntary manslaughter over the deadly school shooting perpetrated by her teenage son.
  3. court appearances
    Second civil trial after E. Jean Carroll accused former U.S. President Donald Trump of raping her decades ago, in New York City
    Trump’s Reckoning BeginsHis major loss in the E. Jean Carroll case is nothing compared to what could be coming.
  4. court appearances
    What Happens When Trump Isn’t Allowed to LieThe former president was no match for a sitting judge.
  5. court appearances
    The One Room Trump Can’t DominateThis time there was no getting away with attacking his rape accuser, E. Jean Carroll.
  6. court appearances
    The Fraud That Made President TrumpHe and Letitia James agree, in a way, that the case against him can’t be separated from politics.
  7. court appearances
    Can Trump Break the Courts, Too?His appeal asks for immunity from prosecution. If that doesn’t work, he will try to use the legal system against itself.
  8. court appearances
    Why Rudy Giuliani Lost So BigAfter defaming two Georgia election workers, a jury ordered him to pay them $148 million.
  9. court appearances
    The Women Rudy Giuliani Tried to DestroyRuby Freeman and Shaye Moss testify how a smear campaign turned their lives to hell.
  10. court appearances
    Rudy Giuliani Can’t Resist Digging Himself a Hole at His Defamation TrialInside court, he’s a shrunken man. Outside, he’s as mean as ever, sliming his victims and making life for his attorney hell.
  11. court appearances
    Inside the Trial That Could Be ‘the End of Mr. Giuliani’Ruby Freeman and Shaye Moss finally get their day in court against the man who slandered them with stealing the 2020 election.
  12. court appearances
    The Trump-SBF Trial Doubleheader Is the Ultimate New York SceneWhat I saw awaiting Don Jr. and a verdict.
  13. court appearances
    Sam Bankman-Fried Never Had a ChanceThe FTX founder was found guilty on all seven counts of fraud and conspiracy.
  14. court appearances
    Sam Bankman-Fried Finally Tells His StoryThe former FTX CEO made a bet that his story would be convincing, but who is he trying to sway?
  15. court appearances
    Inside the Vaping, Gambling, Jeering Wildness of the SBF Trial Overflow RoomsThe crypto fraud trial has an ungainly audience who hold nothing back, and it’s kind of great.
  16. sam bankman-fried
    Sam Bankman-Fried Is Pulling an Elizabeth Holmes And TestifyingThe alleged crypto fraudster will take the witness stand in his defense — a risky move.
  17. sam bankman-fried
    SBF’s Lawyer Admits He Doesn’t Really Have a PlanIf it feels like there’s no strategy, that’s because there probably isn’t one.
  18. court appearances
    The Unbreakable Caroline EllisonThe star witness against Sam Bankman-Fried was untouched by the defense.
  19. court appearances
    Caroline Ellison’s RevengeAfter Sam Bankman-Fried blamed her for his company’s fraud, she spent hours on the witness stand implicating him in crime after crime.
  20. court appearances
    SBF’s Discount SuitIn his first appearance on trial for fraud in New York, Sam Bankman-Fried cut an unfamiliar profile.
  21. court appearances
    Sam Bankman-Fried’s Way to WinHis trial begins Monday. Is the prosecution a slam dunk? We think not.
  22. court appearances
    Introducing Court Appearances: USA v. SBFA newsletter covering the trial of Sam Bankman-Fried, exclusively for New York subscribers.
  23. court appearances
    E. Jean Carroll Wins Lawsuit Against Donald TrumpJurors award her $5 million in damages for sexual assault and defamation.
  24. court appearances
    Donald Trump Rape Trial Ready for the JuryThe judge will deliver instructions on Tuesday morning.
  25. court appearances
    Watch Video of Trump’s Deposition in E. Jean Carroll Civil Rape CaseHe was grilled about his alleged sexual assault of the writer in the 1990s.
  26. court appearances
    Donald Trump Gets Last Chance to Testify in Rape TrialHe has until Sunday to ask the judge to let him appear.
  27. court appearances
    Another Woman Testifies That Donald Trump Assaulted HerAt Mar-a-Lago for People magazine, a journalist says Trump kissed her and pinned her to a wall.
  28. court appearances
    Jessica Leeds Testifies About Alleged Trump Assault on PlaneIn court today, Jessica Leeds testified that Donald Trump assaulted her in first class.
  29. court appearances
    How Should a Rape Victim Behave?E. Jean Carroll questioned by Donald Trump’s lawyer.
  30. court appearances
    ‘More People Would Believe Me If I Screamed’A fairly typical courtroom treatment of a rape accuser.
  31. court appearances
    Judge to Trumps: Shut UpEven while his case for rape and defamation goes on in lower Manhattan, Donald Trump — and his son — are posting through it.
  32. court appearances
    ‘I’m Here Because Donald Trump Raped Me’E. Jean Carroll testifies in court today against Donald Trump.
  33. court appearances
    Jurors in E. Jean Carroll v. Trump Warned to Stay AnonymousThe ex-president is going on trial for rape and defamation.
  34. court appearances
    Donald Trump Is Going on Trial for RapeE. Jean Carroll is suing him for sexual assault and defamation.
  35. court appearances
    Reid Hoffman, Big Democratic Donor, Is Funding the Donald Trump Rape LawsuitDonor Reid Hoffman is taking a page from the book of Peter Thiel.
  36. court appearances
    Larry Ray’s Enforcer Sentenced to PrisonIsabella Pollok, Larry Ray’s girlfriend and enforcer, will serve more than four years in prison.
  37. court appearances
    ‘He Made Living So Painful’: Victims at the Larry Ray SentencingLarry Ray’s victims embraced as the sex trafficker was sentenced to 60 years.
  38. court appearances
    There Is Nothing Left to Stop Elon Musk From Owning TwitterThe world’s richest man is set to own the social-media company by Halloween.
  39. court appearances
    Elon Musk’s Big Win Over Twitter Is a Win for TwitterThe deal is happening, and by Halloween, the social network should belong to the Tesla chief.
  40. court appearances
    Decoding Elon Musk’s Legal SurrenderWhat was the strategy here?
  41. court appearances
    Elon’s Bad Week: Embarrassing Text Messages and Reports of Settlement TalksAfter the worst stretch yet in his quest to not buy Twitter, the end may be near.
  42. court appearances
    Elon Musk Deleted Messages and 3 Other Takeaways From the Latest Court Hearing“They point to something that’s been destroyed,” said the judge of the missing text messages.
  43. court appearances
    Elon Musk Is Losing Time to Not Buy TwitterTime isn’t on his side.
  44. court appearances
    Elon Musk Has So Many Lawsuits They’re Teaching a Whole Class in Law SchoolElon Musk’s legal history is just that informative.
  45. court appearances
    Elon Musk’s Got a New Plan to Not Buy TwitterIn order to get out of buying Twitter, it appears the Tesla CEO is abandoning his old legal arguments about spambots. Now he’s alleging fraud.
  46. court appearances
    Elon Musk’s ‘Absurdly Broad’ Strategy Against Twitter Is LosingTwitter doesn’t need to supply absolutely everything to Elon Musk in court.
  47. court appearances
    Does the Twitter Whistleblower Help Elon Musk?Who could have seen this coming? (Elon Musk.)
  48. announcements
    Introducing Court Appearances: Twitter v. MuskThe richest man in the world is headed to trial, and we’ll be there to cover it.
  49. the money game
    Twitter’s Legal Team Just Sucker Punched Elon MuskThe social-media platform launched a sneak attack against the guy it wants to buy the company.
  50. the money game
    Twitter Just Went Into Ludicrous Mode in Its Legal War Against Elon MuskIn order to save the $44 billion takeover, the social-media company is blanketing Musk’s bankers and closest Silicon Valley supporters with subpoenas
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