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    How COVID Won the SummerFailures of solidarity both within countries and between them enabled the Delta variant’s spread.
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    I Drove 8 Hours to (Maybe) Get My Baby the COVID VaccineLast week, I got an offer to enroll my 14-month-old in a COVID-vaccine trial. My only worry was that I wouldn’t make the appointment in time.
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    You’ll Need a Vaccine to Eat Inside NYC Restaurants SoonThe requirement for indoor dining, gyms, concerts, and more comes down this month.
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    Vaccine Mandates Are for the Public GoodIf you’re a frontline worker, vaccination is a moral obligation.
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    What to Know About COVID Breakthrough InfectionsThere have been isolated reports of new cases among fully vaccinated people, prompting confusion and alarm. Here’s what’s going on.
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    De Blasio Tells City Workers: Get a Shot or ElseUnvaccinated city employees including teachers and cops will be required to undergo weekly testing and mask indoors if they decline to get vaccinated.
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    Tennessee Fires Vaccine Chief For Promoting VaccinesRepublicans have torn into the state’s health department after an official said teens can legally get the shots without their parents’ permission.
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    The Willfully Unvaccinated Are the Newest Republican MartyrsLike white folks and Christians, the unvaccinated are being encouraged to view themselves as objects of discrimination requiring political protection.
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    Lotteries, Doughnuts, Joints: The Weird Incentives to Get People VaccinatedThe nation’s drive toward herd immunity gets creative.
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    CDC Eases Up, Says People Don’t Always Need to Wear Masks OutdoorsThe long-awaited loosening of some COVID precautions begins, especially for the fully vaccinated.
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    U.S. Vaccination Pace Stalls After Months of GrowthA sharp week-over-week drop is a bad sign in the fight for herd immunity.
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    How Long Are You Immune After the COVID Vaccine?What we know and don’t know about the shots, which remain in their relative infancy.
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    The Story of One DoseInside the sprawling operational puzzle of bringing the Johnson & Johnson COVID vaccine to the public.
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    CDC Data Suggests Vaccinated Don’t Carry, Can’t Spread VirusSome public-health experts have pushed back on the CDC director’s claim that “vaccinated people do not carry the virus” and “don’t get sick.”
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    Ex-Presidents Come Together to Promote COVID Vaccination … Except TrumpTrump whining as the other former presidents work together on a PSA tells you everything you need to know about his historical uniqueness.
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    U.K. Is First to Grant Emergency Authorization for Western VaccineHigh-risk Britons will start getting the shots next week.