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  1. crime
    Inside the Ransomware Gangs That Extort HospitalsThey shut down patient care and put lives at risk. Would the pandemic finally slow them down?
  2. plagued
    The Big Remaining Questions About the New Bivalent COVID BoostersSome of the concerns are valid, others aren’t, but none should prevent people from getting the shot if they want to.
  3. plagued
    What to Know About the New COVID Booster ShotsReformulated booster shots have arrived. Here’s how they are different and who can get them.
  4. covid-19
    How to Order More Free Home COVID Tests From the GovernmentU.S. residents who want to order the free tests must now do so before September 2, when the program will be suspended.
  5. plagued
    Paging Dr. NormalcyAshish Jha, the COVID czar, wants to make vaccines great again.
  6. plagued
    Biden Tests Positive for COVID AgainThe president is apparently experiencing a Paxlovid rebound infection, which happens to a small fraction of people treated with the antiviral.
  7. plagued
    BA.5 Shows COVID Is Evolving Fast. Why Aren’t We Fighting Back?A long talk with Dr. Eric Topol about the BA.5 wave, next-gen vaccines, and why it’s long past time for the U.S. to get ahead of the coronavirus.
  8. early and often
    Biden Is Officially COVID-FreeThe president will soon be putting remote work in the rearview mirror.
  9. early and often
    President Biden Has COVIDAfter four days on Paxlovid, Biden’s doctor says his symptoms have “almost completely resolved.”
  10. plagued
    When Will the BA.5 Wave End?By every available metric, the surge of U.S. COVID cases continues to grow, and hospitalizations are now rising as well.
  11. plagued
    What Is the Risk of Catching BA.5 Outdoors?More transmissible variants are more transmissible no matter where you are exposed, but avoiding COVID outside is a lot like avoiding it inside.
  12. plagued
    The BA.5 COVID Surge Is HereThe worrisome Omicron subvariant, which is better at reinfecting people than any other, is now the most dominant strain in the U.S.
  13. covid-19
    When Will Young Kids Be Able to Get the COVID Vaccine?The FDA has authorized emergency use of Moderna and Pfizer vaccines for children under 5.
  14. schooled
    Revenge of the Pod ParentsA temporary solution to pandemic school closures finds new life as an ideological safe space.
  15. foreign interests
    The Dismantling of Hong KongSince 2019, my hometown has slowly transformed into a brutal, unrecognizable place. Then came Omicron.
  16. plagued
    This New COVID Wave May Be More Like a FloodWith the BA.4 and BA.5 Omicron subvariants rising, the U.S. may be stuck with high levels of infection and reinfection for a while.
  17. covid-19
    What We Know About All the Omicron Subvariants, Including BA.2.12.1BA.2.12.1 is now the dominant COVID strain in the U.S. and is driving another wave of cases.
  18. plagued
    Welcome to the Next COVID WaveThe new wave fueled by the BA.2.12.1 subvariant might not be as big or bad as the last one, but there are still plenty of ways it can go wrong.
  19. plagued
    The COVID Vaccine News Many Parents Have Been Waiting ForPfizer has finally filed for FDA approval for a three-dose COVID vaccine for kids under the age of 5.
  20. covid-19
    What Happened to Paxlovid, the COVID Wonder Drug?The much-hyped antiviral arrived too late for the Omicron wave, but it remains a powerful — and potentially versatile — weapon against COVID-19.
  21. covid testing
    The COVID Breathalyzers Are ComingThe FDA has approved a breath test for COVID that gives results in less than three minutes.
  22. the inside game
    ‘I Mean, We Need More Money’: An Exit Interview With the COVID CzarJeff Zients on funding gaps, misinformation, and the future of the virus.
  23. covid-19
    Locked Down in ShanghaiTwo residents describe a city coming apart at the seams.
  24. covid-19
    Eric Adams Has COVIDHe tested positive on Sunday, his 100th day in office.
  25. politics
    COVID Is All the Rage in D.C. Right NowMerrick Garland, Adam Schiff, and Nancy Pelosi all have it — and the House Speaker was maskless with Biden on Tuesday.
  26. explainer
    What We Know About Second COVID Booster ShotsAmericans over 50 are now eligible for an extra dose of COVID-19 vaccine. But experts are still debating who should get one.
  27. politics
    Americans Ditch COVID Anxiety, Shift to Inflation WorriesThe issue landscape heading into the 2022 midterms is not looking good for Democrats.
  28. tomorrow
    What a Single Metric Tells Us About the PandemicExcess mortality and COVID.
  29. covid-19
    Moderna Says Its COVID Vaccine Works in Kids Under 6The company plans to seek FDA authorization in the coming weeks, though the shot’s modest efficacy against symptomatic COVID-19 could cause delays.
  30. just asking questions
    Seriously, the Pandemic Isn’t OverA long conversation with Dr. Abraar Karan about the possibility of a BA.2 wave, how the U.S. is still vulnerable, and what to do with our face masks.
  31. covid-19
    Is the U.S. Facing Another COVID Wave?There are warning signs flashing in Asia and Europe.
  32. covid-19
    COVID Is Not Over YetWhat new data from Hong Kong and Britain could tell us about the pandemic’s evolution.
  33. politics
    Congress Drops New COVID Funding After a Spending MeltdownFacing a government shutdown, the House cut new COVID funding after a fight over the proposed clawback of old pandemic money. This could be dangerous.
  34. education
    ‘I Don’t Feel Like This Is a Safe Choice Yet’Starting today, masks are optional in New York City public schools. While many are relieved, some parents and educators worry the move is premature.
  35. covid-19
    NYC’s School-Mask and Indoor-Vaccine Mandates Will End on March 7Two of the city’s key COVID restrictions will be suspended, at least for the foreseeable future.
  36. politics
    Rubio Is Too Busy to COVID Test for State of the UnionAlso, he thinks being asked to take basic COVID precautions before sitting in a room with basically the entire U.S. government is “Marxist.”
  37. covid-19
    New York City to Drop School-Mask Mandate and Vaccine Mandate for Indoor VenuesGovernor Hochul announced that the state’s school-mask mandate would end Wednesday. Mayor Adams then said the city mandates would likely end March 7.
  38. covid-19
    The CDC Says Most Americans Can Take Off Their MasksAccording to the agency’s new COVID-risk guidelines, counties representing 70 percent of the U.S. population can now go mask free.
  39. the intelligencer profile
    The Pandemic InterpreterWhy are so many liberals mad at David Leonhardt?
  40. games
    Unfortunately, It’s Time to Let Kyrie Irving Play in NYCContinuing to penalize unvaccinated athletes like Irving and Novak Djokovic makes little sense, even if it feels good.
  41. corporate america
    This Is How Big Pharma WinsTwo years into the pandemic, the industry has evaded reforms a supermajority of voters want.
  42. canada
    Ottawa’s Trucker Protest Is OverPolice in the Canadian capital have cleared away the demonstration. A similar convoy protest is being planned in the U.S.
  43. covid-19
    How to Get Free N95 Masks From the GovernmentThe Biden administration is distributing 400 million free N95 masks through pharmacies and health centers. Here’s what we know about the program.
  44. covid-19
    What to Expect From the COVID Variants to ComeThe evolution of the coronavirus remains difficult to predict, and future strains could be at least as dangerous as Omicron and its predecessors.
  45. the inside game
    Is This the One Democrat Who’s Figured Out COVID?Governors on the coasts are playing catch up to Colorado’s Jared Polis.
  46. canada
    Police Clear Freedom Convoy, Ambassador Bridge Set to ReopenThe busy U.S.-Canada border crossing, which had been blockaded by protesters since early last week, is expected to reopen Sunday.
  47. covid-19
    Pfizer Delays FDA Request for COVID Vaccine for Kids Under 5Shots for tots are now months away, as Pfizer anticipates pending data will prove administering three doses is more effective than two.
  48. covid-19
    Where to Get Home COVID Tests and Why They’re So Hard to FindHere are all your current options, including where tests are in stock, insurance reimbursement, and how to get free tests from the government.
  49. the pandemic
    The Democratic Party’s ‘Mask Off’ MomentVoters are sick of the pandemic and public-health mandates. Democrats can’t stop the former, so they’re ending the latter.
  50. covid-19
    Hochul Announces End to Indoor Mask MandateHochul joins fellow governors in New Jersey, Connecticut, and Delaware who recently announced timelines for the end of their states’ mask mandates.
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