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  1. roundup
    All U.S. Adults Can Get the COVID Vaccine. Now What?The country’s vaccine rollout has hit a major milestone, but expanding access and increasing demand in the next phase won’t be easy.
  2. side effects
    Why the Second COVID Shot Makes You MiserableUnpleasant side effects are in part a consequence of lightning-quick vaccine development.
  3. covid vaccines
    How Experts Are Reacting to the Johnson & Johnson Vaccine PauseMost stressed that federal regulators were right to be cautious despite the long odds of serious side effects.
  4. covid vaccines
    J&J Takes Over Plant Where Contractor Error Led to Loss of 15M Vaccine DosesNew reports detail past batches of discarded vaccines and doubts that Johnson & Johnson can correct the course at the plant in Baltimore.
  5. covid-19
    The Story of One DoseInside the sprawling operational puzzle of bringing the Johnson & Johnson COVID vaccine to the public.
  6. covid-19
    A ‘Glitch’ Sent Droves to Flood a Vaccine Site in the BronxAfter waiting so long for a shot, hundreds were sent back home to wait again.
  7. coronavirus
    Judge Rules That New York Must Vaccinate Prisoners ImmediatelyA state supreme court judge described the decision to leave inmates out of the public-health campaign as an “abuse of discretion.”
  8. politics
    Key Moments From President Biden’s First News ConferenceBiden doubled his COVID vaccination goal and discussed his plans for addressing the filibuster, voting rights, and the migrant surge at the border.
  9. coronavirus
    Everything We Know About the Coronavirus Variant Spreading in New York CityVariants are now making up over 60 percent of new cases in the city, as the first case of the Brazilian strain has been detected in New York.
  10. andrew cuomo
    Cuomo’s Vaccine Czar Called County Officials to Gauge Their LoyaltyFormer Cuomo aide Larry Schwartz, who coordinates the state’s COVID response and vaccination efforts, is now facing at least one ethics complaint.
  11. let’s get together
    Go Hug a Vaccinated Person Right NowThe social distance of the pandemic, for the vaccinated and their friends and family, can finally start to end. Just ask the CDC.
  12. public health
    Fully Vaccinated People Can Gather Unmasked, CDC SaysThe federal agency says fully vaccinated people can indulge in perks like spending time unmasked with low-risk or other vaccinated individuals.
  13. covid-19
    Johnson & Johnson Will Run COVID Vaccine Trials on InfantsBut neither it nor any other COVID vaccine will likely be available to U.S. children until at least the fall.
  14. covid-19
    The COVID Picture in America Is Showing Dramatic ImprovementNew variants loom, but cases continue to plummet as the pace of vaccination ramps up.
  15. covid vaccines
    AstraZeneca Shot Appears to Slow COVID TransmissionYet more terrific news on the vaccine front.
  16. coronavirus
    What We Know About the New P.1 Strain of the CoronavirusThe new variant, detected amid a horrifying resurgence of COVID cases in Manaus, Brazil, has alarmed scientists around the world.
  17. covid vaccines
    The Vaccine Stockpile the White House Released This Week Doesn’t Exist: ReportThe Trump administration had already depleted the vaccine stockpile it said it would release, sowing more confusion for state and local authorities.
  18. covid vaccine
    Scott Stringer on New York’s ‘Outrageous’ Vaccine Rollout“This is not how you roll out the most important vaccine in our lifetime.”
  19. intelligencer chats
    When Will Vaccines Put a Real Dent in America’s Death Toll?Unfortunately, it might be a while.
  20. covid-19
    Watch: First New Yorker Vaccinated Against COVID-19A round of applause went up after nurse Sandra Lindsay received the coveted shot.
  21. coronavirus
    Should Pregnant People Get the COVID-19 Vaccine?FDA guidance could be released as soon as today, affecting millions of Americans. First up: health-care workers.
  22. covid-19
    U.K. Vaccinates William Shakespeare (and Others) in COVID MilestoneWith the FDA approving the Pfizer vaccine for emergency use on Tuesday, similar scenes will likely play out in the U.S. soon.
  23. covid vaccines
    Moderna Says First COVID Vaccine Shots Could Be Ready by December 21The company is seeking emergency authorization for doses it says provide overwhelming protection from the virus.
  24. covid-19
    A Third COVID Vaccine Is Shown to Be Effective — and It’s CheapAstraZeneca and Oxford’s candidate is both affordable and easy to store, making it ideal for worldwide distribution.
  25. covid-19
    Johnson & Johnson’s Single-Shot COVID-19 Vaccine Moves to Final Trial StageThe company says it could determine whether the dose is effective by the end of this year.