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  1. sports
    Rick Scott Is Unfortunately Right About Novak DjokovicThe Biden administration’s policy of blocking unvaccinated people from the country continues to make little sense.
  2. just asking questions
    What Fresh Hell Is the New Bird-Flu Outbreak?Epidemiologist Katelyn Jetelina on how to think about the virus’s recent worrying trajectory.
  3. just asking questions
    What It’s Like in China As Everyone Gets COVIDDarin Friedrichs, a market analyst based out of Shanghai, on daily life amid a chaotic policy shift.
  4. foreign interests
    A Stunning Wave of Protests Has Erupted in China Over Its Zero-COVID PoliciesDemonstrations against COVID restrictions — and the government — took place in numerous cities across mainland China over the weekend.
  5. covid
    America’s COVID Testing Regime Is Somehow Still a TravestyTests remain way too expensive, and nobody in power really seems to care.
  6. us open
    The U.S. Government Has Forced Me to Side With Novak DjokovicDid it really have to come to this?
  7. covid
    COVID Outbreak Hits Senate at Worst Possible TimeIt’s white-knuckle time for Chuck Schumer.
  8. just asking questions
    What on Earth Is China’s COVID Strategy Now?Nancy Qian on why the country is sticking to its quixotic and damaging attempt to stamp out the virus.
  9. covid
    Some People’s COVID Symptoms Come Back After Taking PaxlovidIn rare cases, patients who test negative for the virus aren’t in the clear.
  10. coronavirus
    Kamala Harris Tests Positive for COVIDA spokesperson says Biden was not recently a “close contact.”
  11. politics
    Congressman Is Too Busy Being Your Pilot to Show Up in WashingtonRepresentative Kai Kahele has barely shown up in Washington recently, but he has made time for his side gig as a Hawaiian Airlines pilot.
  12. politics
    The Grim Lesson of Congress’s Failure to Sustain COVID FundingIf we can’t prioritize public health after a pandemic kills 977,000 Americans, how will we ever prioritize climate change?
  13. anti-vaxxers
    Turns Out the Horse Dewormer Doesn’t Help COVID Patients After AllThe largest trial to date on Ivermectin found that it was no better than a placebo.
  14. politics
    Florida to Defy CDC, Says No COVID Vaccine for KidsFlorida is the first state to counter the CDC by recommending that healthy children over the age of 5 not receive the COVID vaccine.
  15. just asking questions
    How Worried Should We Be About the BA.2 Omicron Subvariant?A Harvard medical professor weighs in on the probability of the strain known as BA.2 taking over in the U.S. and why that may not be reason to panic.
  16. public health
    America Can Get Back to Normal and Get Better at Fighting COVIDThere’s still a lot policy-makers can do to protect the most vulnerable without inconveniencing the broader public.
  17. sports
    Djokovic’s War Against Evil COVID Vaccine Will ContinueThe World No. 1 isn’t getting a shot anytime soon and might miss the French Open as a result.
  18. the national interest
    Republicans Think Biden’s Plan to Return to Normal Is a Secret PlotThe lockdowns were a Democratic scheme to gain power, and so is ending them.
  19. covid-19
    How People on Medicare Can Get Free Home COVID Tests (Soon)Medicare beneficiaries were left out of the home COVID test reimbursement rule, but they’ll finally get free tests this spring. Here’s what we know.
  20. the national interest
    School Closures Were a Catastrophe. Progressives Still Haven’t Reckoned With It.If you don’t diagnose your error, you might repeat it.
  21. education
    We’re Having the Wrong Conversation About SchoolCritics of teachers and their unions are repeating attacks from the early pandemic, and not paying attention to the real culprits of the crisis.
  22. covid
    USPS to Deliver Free COVID Tests … Sometime Soon?The Biden administration is “finalizing” plans to send an unknown number of COVID tests to Americans who want them at some point in the coming weeks.
  23. covid
    Your Tap Water Doesn’t Need to Take a COVID TestViral videos show people getting positive results from water and soda. They only prove that people are willing to waste home COVID tests.
  24. nyc schools
    Eric Adams Really Wants to Keep NYC Schools OpenThat may be easier said than done amid an Omicron tsunami.
  25. games
    The 10 Biggest Sports Stories of 2021Ohtani and Giannis were almost enough to make us forget about COVID for a while.
  26. intelligencer chats
    Schools Might Be Heading for a January ‘Omicron Break’Unless we radically rethink pandemic protocols, there will be a lot of absences in a lot of places.
  27. the national interest
    Conservative Anger at Vaccine Mandates Was About Vaccines, Not MandatesThe right turns out to be anti-anything that makes vaccine skeptics feel bad.
  28. omicron
    CityMD Closes Some NYC Locations at Worst Possible TimeStaffing shortages are to blame, the company says.
  29. covid
    White House Decides to Send Free COVID Tests to Americans After AllBetter late than never.
  30. business
    Omicron and Manchin Nudge Economy Into ‘the Unknown’Wall Street is not loving all the pandemic and legislative uncertainty right now.
  31. vaccines
    Trump: Getting Vaccinated Helps Own the LibsThe former president said he got a booster shot and that vaccine skeptics are doing Democrats’ work for them.
  32. shock horror
    Two Drab Photos Are Endangering Boris Johnson’s CareerBojo is losing some of his mojo.
  33. the national interest
    Conservatives Are Starting to Say Covid Is a Positive GoodThe creepy final stage of denial.
  34. that happened
    Let’s Revisit October 2020, a Truly Wild Month in U.S. PoliticsTrump’s COVID ordeal. Amy Coney Barrett’s rushed confirmation. Rudy Giuliani’s “October surprise” flop. It all went down one year ago.
  35. politics
    ‘I’m Not Changing My Mind’: New York Fires Unvaccinated Health-Care WorkersHospitals are holding on so far, after the mandate to get the shot took effect at midnight.
  36. unreal
    The View’s COVID Chaos ContinuesLast week, two hosts tested positive for COVID mid-show — but it turns out their tests were inaccurate.
  37. covid-19 vaccines
    How COVID Won the SummerFailures of solidarity both within countries and between them enabled the Delta variant’s spread.
  38. the national interest
    Sweetgreen’s CEO Thinks Salads Work Better Than VaccinesElite health fetish as denial of social responsibility.
  39. the national interest
    Republican Vaccine Denial Is Not a Political StrategyNever attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity.
  40. the media
    Glenn Greenwald Speaks Truth to Reply GuysThe polemicist’s latest screed fails to distinguish between liberals who annoy him on Twitter and the U.S. government.
  41. explainer
    What We Know About the Dangerous Delta VariantThe more transmissible COVID strain now accounts for an estimated 93 percent of new cases in the U.S.
  42. the national interest
    The Madness of Teachers Unions Opposing a Vaccine Mandate“Vaccinations must be negotiated between employers and workers, not coerced.” What?
  43. politics
    What Other Deadly Things Will Ron DeSantis Joke About?Florida’s governor used COVID as an icebreaker at a conservative conference. Here are some alternatives.
  44. tokyo olympics
    The Singular Beauty of the 400-Meter HurdlesWhy both the men’s and women’s races are the most highly anticipated track-and-field events of the Olympics.
  45. covid-19
    Vaccinated Kids Can Go Maskless in School, CDC SaysThe agency issued new guidance in which schools are advised to fully reopen this fall.
  46. games
    Jon Rahm’s COVID Disaster Is a Great Vaccine PSASome athletes are still inoculation reluctant. Maybe watching a golfer lose more than a million dollars will help.
  47. covid-19
    WHO Renames COVID Variants, Calling National Labels ‘Stigmatizing’The Greek alphabet will be used instead of Britain, Brazil, India, and so on.
  48. covid-19
    Biden Joins the COVID Lab-Leak-Theory DebateThe president says that U.S. intelligence is considering the theory and he wants them to push harder to answer where the coronavirus originated.
  49. american crisis
    Cuomo Set to Earn $5.1 Million for Ill-Conceived COVID BookThe governor finally revealed what he was paid for his pandemic memoir, which is now the subject of a probe by the state attorney general’s office.
  50. covid-19
    Northeastern States See Decline in COVID-19 CasesAnd cases continue to drop nationally, as well.
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