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  1. urban fauna
    Why Coyotes Are Flourishing in New York CityThey may be better suited to the urban environment than you’d expect.
  2. Coyote Takes Quick Nap Behind Bush in QueensHe’s still on the loose.
  3. animanhattan
    NYPD Ruins Coyote’s Battery Park City JogIt’s not clear if this is the same animal spotted in Riverside Park earlier this week.
  4. coyotes
    You’d Better Get Used to Your New Coyote NeighborsExperts say sightings of the animals will only increase.
  5. coyotes
    Coyote Takes Morning Jog in Riverside ParkA coyote was spotted in Riverside Park Wednesday morning.
  6. animanhattan
    Cops Catch Another Coyote in Manhattan The second one this month.
  7. animanhattan
    NYPD Takes Down ‘Feisty’ Upper West Side Coyote Unusual, but not unheard of. 
  8. coyotes
    The ‘Westchester Coyote’ Had RabiesEek.
  9. coyotes
    Westchester Manages to Fight Off Rampaging CoyoteThis canine attack was out of the ordinary.
  10. photo op
    Coyote in Long Island City!Someone should tell him the Madactive Collective won’t be spinning at Water Taxi Beach until tomorrow.
  11. don’t mess with texas
    Texas Governor Rick Perry Jogs With a Laser-Sighted .380 Ruger and Hollow-Point BulletsAlso, he shoots coyotes.
  12. attacks
    Hungry Coyote Has a Poodle for DinnerThis isn’t going to be good for their image.
  13. animanhattan
    The Coyotes Will Be Back and They’ll Be Stronger Than EverThis fall would be a good time for a vacation.
  14. animanhattan
    Tribeca Coyote Caught!But it took four cop cars, two motorcycles, and a helicopter to do it.
  15. animanhattan
    Coyote Spotted Near Holland Tunnel EntranceAnd you thought they were coming in from Westchester.
  16. animanhattan
    The Coyotes Have Invaded ChelseaThis is beginning to be troublesome.
  17. animanhattan
    Coyotes Taking to City LifeAt first they felt out of place, but slowly, the coyotes are acclimating.
  18. animanhattan
    What Do the Coyotes Want From Us?The third and fourth coyotes in as many weeks have turned up in upper Manhattan.
  19. animanhattan
    Coyote Poses for Photographer in Central ParkThis is the start of something big, we can feel it.
  20. animanhattan
    Animals Continue to Take Over the CityRoosters, raccoons, swans, skunks and a baby goat!
  21. animanhattan
    Coyote Captured in Harlem Suspected of Mental InstabilityBut this coyote knew exactly what it was doing.