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  1. cpac 2013 dispatch
    Sarah Palin Holding a Big Gulp Is the New Statue of LibertyPalin drank from a Big Gulp at CPAC.
  2. cpac 2013 dispatch
    Rick Santorum Is Not That Good at BasketballThe arcade kind with tiny balls.
  3. cpac 2013 dispatch
    50-Person Poll: CPAC EditionDo we have a right to own bazookas? Should sodomy be illegal?
  4. cpac 2013 dispatch
    Mitt Romney Loses Again, to LunchSome people at CPAC chose to eat instead of watch Romney’s first speech since the election.
  5. cpac 2013 dispatch
    Trump Delivers CPAC Speech to Half-Empty RoomOy.
  6. cpac 2013 dispatch
    Can You Oppose Gay Marriage and Not Be a Bigot?“I don’t believe that many people in their hearts truly just don’t like gay people.”
  7. cpac 2013 dispatch
    Fetus Dolls, Anti-Bloomberg Posters, and Other Things You’d See at CPACA basket full of Oliver North books!
  8. cpac 2013 dispatch
    Why CPAC Is Playing Mumford & Sons and One Direction“We’re trying to ensure that the conference reflects our focus on youth.”
  9. cpac 2013 dispatch
    An Interview With a Guy Dressed As a Transformer at CPAC“It’s, uh … slightly bearable.”
  10. cpac 2013 dispatch
    No Love at CPAC for Betsy McCaughey, Originator of Death Panel HysteriaPretty much nobody showed up to her book signing.
  11. cpac 2013 dispatch
    About a Quarter of CPAC Literally Stands With RandAs in, for all nineteen minutes of his speech.
  12. cpac 2013 dispatch
    National Organization for Marriage Believes in Gaylord ToleranceGaylord National Resort and Convention Center, where CPAC 2013 is being held.